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Torrent Download

GatheringRO has moved to a new server hardware and emulator at 10 August 2013.
You will REQUIRE the latest Full Client to be able to play GatheringRO!
Please note that you're not able to connect to gRO using an older gRO installation or Full Client.
Make sure to install the new client into a new empty folder, and do not install it over your current existing gRO installation. Your old GatheringRO client can be completly removed from your system.

uTorrent is the recommended method for downloading the GatheringRO client. In addition to being faster and more reliable than direct downloads, uTorrent also provides facilities to verify the integrity of a file as it's being downloaded.

Download the full client via Torrent

You can download the uTorrent client from here.

Direct Download

If you are unable to download the client via uTorrent, due to poor performance or other issues, you can also obtain it via direct download. However, we strongly encourage you to try uTorrent first.

Download the full client via HTTP

Help! It doesn't work!

No worries, there are a couple of things you can check to get GatheringRO to work.

  • If the client does not show up at all, try installing this package.
  • Make sure that you run the game as an Administrator.
  • If you use Windows Vista or newer, make sure that User Account Control (UAC) is disabled.
  • Try installing the game outside of the Program Files folder.
  • Make sure that GatheringRO is fully updated.
  • Maybe an anti-virus software is blocking the patcher or the game.
  • Patcher Errors and Solutions
  • Crashes, Missing File Errors and Graphic Problems