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Battlegrounds is a PvP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation.

Up to 100 Players can join ONE battle! (50vs50)


It's all about our Badges.
You will recieve either Bravery, Valor or Heroism Badges after each round of Battlegrounds, depending on the mode you've played.
How much you will recieve depends on the mode and if you either won or lost the round!

These badges can be exchanged by visiting the NPC "Erundek" which is located at the Battleground Room where you will be warped to after each round of BG.

Don't miss the chance to play during our Happy Hours!
You will recieve an additional 20% extra Badges.
Happy Hours always runs for 2 hours, starting at 16:00 and 20:00 server time each day.

How To Join?

To participate in one of the few modes it has to offer, you just have to join the automated queue.
Our battle recruiter which can be found in every major town can register you at any given time. You can also simply join the queue by using the command @joinbg ingame.

  • If a battleground round is already running and you join the queue, you will join the battle immediately!
  • Not enough players ready to play with? Join the queue directly with your whole Party members.

Custom Modes

We offer you the variety you need!
With 9 rotating modes, you will always find something you like. The special "Free For All" mode can be played by talking to the Battle Recruiter NPC which can be found in your favourite town.
The modes will rotate each 2 minutes, until enough players are in the queue to start a round.
No idea what these modes are all about? Talk to the Battle Recruiter NPC in your favourite Town.

  • Flavious Capture The Flag
  • Flavious Team Deathmatch
  • Flavious Stone Control
  • Tierra Eye Of The Storm
  • Tierra Bossnia
  • Tierra Domination
  • Tierra Triple Inferno
  • Conquest
  • Rush

  • Free For All

Top Warriors

Our Battlegrounds runs in 2 different main modes - Regular and Ranked
The statistics are only being gathered during the ranked mode, which runs simultaneously with our Happy Hours.

Detailed statistics, and the best ranking system you will ever find!
BG Ranking

Your rank is being calculated by a special algorithm, based on your style of gameplay!

The TOP 3 ranked Warriors will be rewarded with special prizes upon our weekly rank reset, which includes:

  • Exclusive Headgear (sent to your ingame Mailbox)
  • Exclusive Aura
  • +10% Badge Reward
The TOP 10 ranked Warriors get:
  • +10% Badge Reward

Fair Gameplay

We did our best to keep it fair!
The teams will be balanced upon joining the battlegrounds. We've programmed special algorithms to keep the team balance which even includes class priority.

  • Our Anti Cheat Protection prevents double logins by executing several checks.
  • Every player will be informed about AFK players, so the team leader can take action using @reportafk !
  • If no action has been taked by the leader, AFK players will be auto-kicked.

BG Commands

We've built some custom commands for your consideration.

  • Join or leave the Battleground queue. The Battlegrounds will automatically start ones there are enough players in the queue.
  • @joinbg / @leavebg

  • Commands only usable by Guild/Team Leaders in Battlegrounds.
  • @order / @leader / @guildskill / @reportafk

  • Battle Information Display ON/OFF - Kill/Death
  • @battleinfo

  • Turn the serverwide Battleground announcements ON/OFF
  • @listenbg