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Server Information

Server General Information

GatheringRO is not your typical High Rate experience. With our high experience rates, you're able to level up your characters pretty fast. However you have to work to build up your gear with our lower to mid rate drop rates.
With a development progress off over 10 years, we're offering you more features than we're able to write down in words.

Basic Information

Party Leveling

  • Party Level Share Range - 50
  • Additional experience bonus per party-member involved
  • Items are distributed evenly and in order among members

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Server Hardware

Hardware & Connection

  • GatheringRO is running on the latest generation of server hardware.
  • Hoster connections with 550Gbit/s to the main carriers and fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 100Gbit/s.
  • Hightech-Datacenter and a high-performance Backbone with more than 180Gbit/s guarantee maximum availability.
  • Server Location: Germany

Server Security


  • We have daily backups of all our player and server data. Everything is stored on a seperate server, so even if the complete server burns down, our backups are safe and sound.

Anti Cheat Protection

  • We're offering you a professional and effective multi-layered Anti Cheat Solution.
    • Anti-Bot protection
    • Anti-Packet manipulation
    • Anti-Memory manipulation
    • Speed Hack detection
    • 0-Delay Sprites Detection
    • Double Login detection (only restricted in specific events!)
    • Hardware ID Ban