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    Ultimate Walkthrough To The Baby Chick!

    Ultimate Walkthrough to the Baby Chick! *It is recommended that you do other Headgear Quests in the midst of completing this quest! Refer to this link for a list of headgear guides. *It is recommended that you attempt this quest with a character adept with wide AOE skills - you need to kill 10,000 monsters in the midst of the quest using the same character. Quest Rewards: Baby Chick Read here for information. A hat that looks just like putting a cute little chick on top of it. Its jumping is certainly very cute. Allows usage of Double Attack Level 2, and if you already know higher than Double Attack Level 2, then the appropriate level will be used instead. Reduce damage from DemiHuman enemies by 3%. Impossible to refine this item. Luk+2, Max HP/SP +50. Class : Headgear Defense : 1 Equipped On : Upper Required Level : 10 Weight : 10 Applicable Job : Every Job OR Blue Bird Read here for information. Class : Headgear Defense : 0 Equipped On : Upper Required Level : 80 Weight : 20 Applicable Job : Every Job *P.S.: Whether you get either the Baby Chick or the Blue Bird is RANDOM! Before you start on the Baby Chick/Blue Bird quest, take a look at the requirements: 1. A pet at the Cordial or Loyal status. (Any Cute Pet will do, but Porings are the easiest to raise.) Refer to Mirri's The Cute Pet Guide for help . 2. A Bird Nest from Yakima, @warp gonryun 187 139. (will go into detail later in the post) 3. To know that you need to kill 10,000 monsters in order to hatch the egg into the Baby Chick/Blue Bird! (It is recommended that you use a character adept with wide AOE skills - e.g. Warlock with Comet for this quest - everything has to be done ON the same character!) Alright! If you are yet to be disheartened by the time-consuming requirements, we can proceed . Step 1 Requirement: A pet at the Cordial or Loyal status. -Warp to @warp prt_monk 169 232. -Speak to the NPC Nun and she would explain that Hana the Chicken is not laying any eggs and she'd need help on whatever that is. -If you have a cordial/loyal pet active, there'd be an option asking you for help. Select 'Yes'. Step 2 Requirements: zilch. -Now your task is to get Hana the Chicken to lay some eggs. -Go to Hana and either 'Pet her' or 'Feed her', however, according to the Nun, never ever Scare Her. -Food: a. Pet Food, which can be bought from the Pet Seller in the Gathering Station within the Black Market. b. Holy Water must be made and not hunted from any monsters. Thus you'd need an acolyte class with the skill Aqua Benedicta to get the Holy Waters. etc.(iz_dun00 212 56 is a spot with water) -When Hana lays her egg, this is the end of Step 2. Step 3 Requirements: Bird Nest -After Hana has laid eggs, the Nun would explain that she needs someone with a Bird Nest to carry the eggs around the world. -If you are wearing the Bird Nest, she would leave the egg to your care and asks you to kill monsters as you travel. Step 4 Requirements: To kill 10k monsters. -I did this step with a Mage-class: e.g. Warlock , for AOE spells kills the fastest. -There is no counter, however there are 2 checks for the amount of monsters you've killed. Keep heading back to the NPC Nun to check your monster kill count. One for halfway (5k) and one for 80% (8k). Places to hunt your monsters: @warp: orcsdun02 mag_dun02 mag_dun01 (You can do this quest while hunting Kaho Cards for the Lord Kaho Horns Quest.) HYDRA PITS! ama_fild01 174 317 (fast spawn) pay_dun03 66 66 (slow spawn) treasure01 When you've killed 10k monsters, the chicks will inhabit the nest and you will receive an item. At this point, you can choose to keep this ugly Nest Hat or talk to the Nun and get your Baby Chick/Blue Bird! Step 5 -When you get back to Nun at @warp prt_monk 169 232, talk to her and she will collect back the chicks. However, she'll explain that one of the chicks likes you. -The hat you receive, is random! This is the end of the quest Collection items and where to find them: 1. Sakkat Trader @warp aldeba_in 152 166. 10k zeny & 120 trunks from: -Elder Willow moc_fild03(70) pay_fild07(70) -Karakasa (you can also hunt the 300 pieces of bamboo needed for Straw Hat from this monster) ama_fild01(50) 2. Straw Hat Hat Seller @warp xmas_in 35 30 Sakkat, 300 Tough Vines and & 300 Pieces of Bamboo -Karakasa (Bamboo) ama_fild01(50) -Dryard (Tough Vines) um_fild01(40) 3. Sombrero Hat Seller @warp xmas_in 35 30 Straw hat, Guitar(unslotted)* and 50 Cactus needle *Guitar Can be bought from Comodo Weapon Dealer @warp cmd_in01 128 164. *Cactus Needles Muka ve_fild01(70) Can also be bought from the Alchemy Tool Dealer in the Gathering Station. (In Blackmarket) *Note: Only Alchemists can purchase items from the Alchemy Tool Dealer. 4. Bird Nest Yakima, @warp gonryun 187 139. Sombrero, 310 Bill Of Birds* and 920 Feather Of Birds. *Bill of Birds Can be bought from Morocc Item Collector @go morocc 169 101. Dealer was killed by Satan Morocc, I reckon. Peco Peco -Feather of Birds moc_fild02 (70) Picky and Picky Shell moc_fild12 (50)+(50) Frequently Asked Questions Can you do the quest on one character, but build up the 10k kill-counts using another? No. You have to use the original character whom took care of the hen to build up the kills. Basically, only 1 character to complete the quest. Is this the quest to get Hopping Filir for the Creator class? No. Please read the Homunculus Thesis Quest guide done by xsmookie here. http://www.gathering...showtopic=25133 The Blue Bird and Hopping Fillir are two different headgears. Is it required for my Cute Pet to be active while doing this quest? No. The Loyal Cute Pet is only required in the beginning steps. Does changing your gender affect the kill count? No. Does taking the hat on/off reset the kill count? No. Is it a must to wear the Nest Hat and have the Holy Egg in the inventory while killing the 10,000 monsters? Yes. Do kills by Homunculus counts? Yes. What happens when you double click the Holy Egg? Your kills RESET. Just kidding. Nothing happens. Many many thanks to Mirri's The Cute Pet Guide for help on pet raising. Official Headgear Quest Guide for help on required headgears. GatheringRO Custom Quest Guide for help on finding Baby Chick. Mafuyu & Argatlahm & Everade for corrections As well as everyone else who contributed.
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