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    ..~*Mimi chan*~..

    Gatheringro Art Event

    Hey~ I hope you like this<3~ this is the first time that I draw on pc *^*(thats why a draw chibis .__.) It is not the best but I hope you like it anyway *♥* Loading screenie<3 *♥* (I think our Gm Team is important thats why i make a loading whit our gms~ than all know our Gm team<3*) *♥* Bronzering<3*♥* *♥* Silvering whit baby D:< *♥* *♥* Omg blockring ruuuuun !!!!*♥*
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    !!DO NOT READ THIS OR ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU HAVE NO PATIENCE!! Now Congrat's on being a patient person here's a small guide to those of you who hate waiting for MVP Spawns or lack Bloody Branches Credit to Zie for Confirming the No Gemstone Requiement with the Mistress MVP Card List of MVP's you can Summon by using Abracadabra,List Provided by Holly Enix ((Thank you )) Twas Persuaded to add pictures so enjoy xD Step 1.First of all you need a Professer/Sage with Low Dex ((you'll understand why later)) Step 2.Learn Abracadabra max level,and Learn the Cast Cancel Ability Step 3.If you have a Mistress Card you do not need Gemstones,but if you dont have Mistress I advise buying 10000 Gemstones. Step 4.Go into a Field ((Example @warp prt_fild01)) Step 5.Find a monster and keep it within range or find a monster such as pupa which cannot move Step 6.Spam Abracadabra until you get a Skill named ???? This will be the skill that changes the Target monster into a MVP Step 7.use /where,log out and kill the MVP and good luck on the card/gear's Side Notes of Importance- 1st-???? Has 5 skills as I recall 1.Tame Monster-This is good for people who want certain pets 2.Fortune-Unknown to what this does yet 3.Death-Instant kill's the Target no Drop's 4.Class Change-Changes the monster to a MVP 5.Monocell-Change's Target into a Poring 2nd-Low Dex is required for spell's such as Steel Body,if you have high dex you may not be able to cast,cast cancel which will force you to log out and back in,so keep the dex low for this. Note in the Screen I have 175 but I would advise round... 100-120 Other than that this is basicly it I hope it help's you all as it has me in previous servers =D EDIT:Added Screenshot's sorry about the Various different spot's but sometimes I get death/Monocell alot but here's the complete guide
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    Gatheringro Art Event

    hi..ahaha. my entry for silvering card pdf => http://www.photoshop.com/users/kaiixu/albums/23e42af1e7f549cc8f7f170942079953/view#3f48c591a25442e39098ed64c2264886
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