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    I only read till first Glaze's post, will read the rest later, but I do want to say something: You people often complain about GM's attitude. Personally I was always quite unsure about Zie, cause she'd always get mad too quickly in the past, she somehow fixed it a LITTLE, the thing is, I've been playing here for a long time now (inactive now though), and I've been in many events and I always noticed there are a LOT of rule breakers, peace breakers, trolls, etc. You would find the smallest thing to take it on your advantage to make a GM look bad, you'd taunt them, etc, even I did that to some of them, people who often complain are the ones that are always trolling and talking bad about them, they've gone so passionate about harassing the GM team that they don't see they are becoming scumbags by doing it all the time, thus becoming the bad persons, because while they are trying to make the GM look bad, they lie, twist words a little bit and end up looking retarded when someone whose brain isnt damaged reads them in the shoutbox, or anywhere you're going all ape on. You want new GMs? Change your friends behaviour, find honest players to become GMs, you don't need to train them to be GM, you need to train them to be trustable, period. I forgot to say, I find it pretty annoying having to be kind to players when being a GM when they always talk shit and backstab you, so for that I give props to them, I'd just mute them all everytime they wanted to start something, just by the obvious fact, because you recognize them, that they're always bitching. Ok that's all, I'll read the rest later. Edit: Ok I've read everything now, quite interesting stuff. P.S. EVERADE PLS DON'T PUNISH ME
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    Can Us Get New Gm For Replace The Oldies?

    Well so far so many GM was not so active like 2 years ago I was play on this server. Even everade (admin) have so much bussines so can always ON. Well, why we do not replace and give chance for new one to rise. Well I just see our new TRIAL GM "BEX" and "Tunes". Well they ussually online, Do intraction with player, Humble, Do "Nice even they aren't good mood". Well honestly, When i open shoutbox at this day, I found "again" some interesting between GM and player. GM judgment is very critical, That soo critcal. So when GM make the judge please consider it. What the effect you will make in future. and also consider if you are not GM any more and become NORMAL PLAYER and get same judge like you make now. Can you accept it? Well the player here have many characteristics, most of them want keep GRo UP(stay as number one) and become loyal family. They was many years still play (enjoy playing (*not to wasted only )) at here, they know so much about GRo. Well maybe we need some training for player who want to be GM. "and may will be 1st consider the(ir) attitude when choose GM. cos GM is representative of the whole GRO on field.(mean they have their responsibility to give impression about GRo)" "when GM do some mistake it will be bad for GRo (if they also didnt want to admit mistakes)". please consider it. We player always hope this server keep survive and have their "GLORIE". I will so much thanks if GM can be have more attitude. Because you are representative of GRo on field(please remember you need to become good example for the player). Dont make crucial judge(if cant please reduce the number of that). consider the effect and the benefit you(and suspect) gain. Please rethink before DO some "Critical" judge. i love many policy the GM make, but what player can do if there no two way communication bettwen player and GM. if that too harsh you can make single act, But THINK before ACT "if that crucial or not". Me as player here hope it will be consider as suggest. if any support and critic, dont be shy to write down. such wonderfull momment when player and GM keep helping each other to support this server. thq before~~
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    Beastboy = Active Developer xMiland = Active Developer *new* Holly Enix = about to become active as Dev again Kenzie = Active Support/Event GM (currently no internet though) Alexaa = Active Support/Event GM Bex = Active Support/Event GM *new* Tunes = Active Support/Event GM *new* We and I am aware about the inactiveness of some of the "active" GMs. They usually inform me about it. There will be more events soon, but i don't think that we need more GMs right now. These GM's are not counted as active Support/Event GM's Mangos = Currently inactive Holly Enix = Great developer and GM oldie Lipton = Co-Founder (he's just a few times online per year) Silmeria = A great GM oldie (she asked for her position to stay open, so she can support us ones in a while) Why not? GatheringRO wouldn't be what it is today without having/had these awesome guys: Argatlahm Holly Enix Beastboy Lipton LightFighter Sirius_White All of them played a specific role in the development of GatheringRO, and deserve some respect. That's why we give them special threatments when it comes to their GM Position if they still want to checkout gRO and support us ones in a while, even if it's just a tiny bit. About Me: I was actually very active within the past months. However not as a shiny little ingame character to support our players, even if i do that sometimes. I am working on the merge of GatheringRO to a new emulator, which includes tons of updates. I am also active when it comes to our forums and health of the server. I visit our forums daily, and help wherever i can, i am aware about the ingame situation because i want to stay informed. (including Website/Forum development to increase security, add new features and more. Banning the wannabe badass cheaters. Checking what our GMs are doing. Paying the bills ^^ And much much more... However that sounds all good and fine, but believe me when i say: I'm currently pushing the boundaries. There's a big list of things to come to gRO and i'm doing my best to get gRO back to the top. I've started a big advertisement campaign again, to get new players as you've might noticed on the top sites. Our whole team is now focusing on the update, we've come up with several great new ideas. External Developers have been hired which are currently also working on new content. We will not release any more info about this right now. But it's being worked on every corner of the server and website right now. We will not release much more content for gRO right now, until the new big update is here. But we still tried to give you some new stuff with the latest quest we've released. And there are more to come. I hope you enjoyed the little info bonus round from the admin. I'm really looking forward to the big update, and i hope you're going to enjoy it as much as we will! If you're willing to support the server as well right now, then go ahead and vote for our server. Also write a nice review on ratemyserver. (all links can be found at the right bottom of our website) Please note: Votes are only really counted if you type in the CORRECT CAPTCHA. So please take your time when voting, it's really not much we're asking for. Thank you
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    Can Us Get New Gm For Replace The Oldies?

    Can get me English teacher fix post for me? Tbh can't they make like an automated gm already.... Hide n seek an NPC in a map you can't jump on there was one where the NPC was random for the valentines quest. The shout box isn't for complaining nubs, idfc if ya have something to complain about "private message" the gm or private message the administrator everade. Rule number 6 clearly states that. Don't publicize your complaints to ruin a GM reputation it only makes you look like a sore loser.wrongful punishment? No such thing just don't do it if you know the punishment.
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