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    Doktor Z

    Daily Quest Items

    Any way I can convince you guys to take taming items out of the list of items to give for A quests? Since you need them for B, it seems a bit unfair. Just my two cents~
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    Daily Quest Items

    Mole Whiskers can be bought with Genetic in the GatheringRO Station.
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    Daily Quest Items

    Haha what can I say, you're welcome!
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    Daily Quest Items

    http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=creation_db&op=8 Hope this helps!
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    WoE Feedback

    Please note that this feedback topic isn't about specific time nor daylight savings. We've made a rough idea of how we could achieve world-wide access to WoE, which means WoE for all time-zones. Which means we require feedback to the initial topic post. Thank you
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    Item Requested Daily Quest Rank C

    *Brofist* Let bygones be bygones. I'm glad that you decide to talk to Beastboy regarding this matter. =D
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    Triple "B" Event

    Name: Kifune (IGN) Wish: Lord Knight card Reason: I tend to lose my temper when I'm helpless during woe time... And Happy Birthday, GM!
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    Letter To Santa

    Dear Santa, My in-game name is Kifune. My real name is ShengYau - I am 21 years old. I'd really like to have a Lord Knight card, and I'm a LHZ card collector. Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours faithfully, Kifune
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    Oh hi there, I'm a complete stranger to you. Kifune, 20, at your disposal. Nice to meet you.
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    PM my char Kifune for my IP[1] = your Kiel + OH
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    LaYzii's Stupid 5 minute sinx guide =D

    LaYzii's stupid 5 minute guide on Soopah Money Making Sinx! First off this guide is my first(I see alot of people making one so I thought it might be fun) Second this is for goldring hunting(working on others too goldrings blow-up and they look cute when they explode =D) Third this is through my opinion. And last but not least Fourth! This guide isn't so all that good I worked on the build just now. Contents 1A : Effective-ness 2A : Cons - Pros 3A : Stats 4A : Equips 5A : Special stuff Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala 1A : Effective-ness Ok this is a goldring hunting guide obviously listed ontop. First goldrings are annoying and hangs out at the mall....Ok we got that down(not really) Ok this is like some crazy Creator running around AD'ing everything insight at the mall. This isn't as cool looking but it works with the super fast killing. 2A : Cons - Pros The cons about this are : 1. Low range. 2. KS'ed alot(not if you follow build B. See section 2A) 3. Boring after a while 4. Kind of makes you look stupid since sinx's are used alot for PvP and usualy hunts at gld_dun01 5. See cons 1-4(Lol >.>) Now the Pros : 1. Hypersonic ASPD 2. You look cool 3. Other sinx noobs admire you 4. You make money hecka fast 5. See pros 1-4 3A : Stats Alright lest start off. Theres 2 builds for this Soopah Money Making Sinx! Build 1 : Hypersonic Close range First of all you guys should already know how the stats work. Right?..... (Not sure if this is how it works my friend told me this) STR : The higher the STR the more melee damage. Every 5 STR you get a bonus of 10 STR added (Ex: *add's 5 STR to 150 instead of it going to 155 it goes to 165) AGI : The higher the AGI the more you dodge attacks and the more faster your attack. Every 10 AGI you get 1 attack added like STR VIT : The higher the VIT the more defense and more HP you have. Also like AGI every 10 VIT you get 1 attack INT : The higher INT the higher you do with M.Attacks and the more SP you get. Also like AGI and VIT you get 1 attack for every 10 INT DEX : Ohh DEX, a Dagger Sinx's bestest friend. The more DEX you have the fast you cast spells and faster Hyper sonic attack you have. Yes you get the attack bonus for this too. LUK : LUK is for Criticals. Although Dagger Sinx doesn't need alot of Critical its still pretty useful. Again it adds attack for every 10..... Now that, we've got that down we move to builds. Build A :Hypersonic build. One of my favorites. STR : 200 AGI : 165 VIT : Any. I have some for looks =D INT : 1 DEX : 200 LUK : 1-100(Rounding off I'm working on this build) This build is simular to the Dagger build '<GM> Dark Angel' posted just a little more tweaked. This is ok for a hypersonic build for now I've been burning more money on perfecting this Build then I've been making >.> Build B :Ranged Hypersonic. Yeah guess....if your a sinx you should know why it's called ranged.(This build was made with a GDH equiped) STR : 200 AGI : 170 VIT : Any again....Mine is at 65 just because I want the cool look of high HP =P INT : I stood at 80 but you can go higher if you want I'm hitting 35-38k's on goldrings with soulbreaker DEX : 200 LUK : 80 I kept LUK at 80 so when I close range I kind of get that special lucky critical. This build isn't all that good too some people but I find it fun at sometimes. 4A : Equips Alrighty now that we've picked our build. First off I use the same equips for both builds. You can change them around if you want just the Daggers are important. My equips are : GDH, Neb aura, Luck switching thief clothes, Crystal Pumps, Clip of godly wrath, Clip of doubled power, Ice pick and some weird dagger called Ginnungagap. I prefer to wear this because it looks sexy >.> Ok I noticed that while you wear Ginnugagap on your right hand and Ice pick on your left hand, you do more damage to goldrings >.> The GDH should give you super buff to your stats. The clips are a extra add so if your having trouble those things help you =D 5A : Special stuff @[email protected] Alright I'm not working on anything special but theres things you can do to help make money. Either have some item dropping clips and go hunt gold till you drop or just sit there clicking goldrings and walking around with /nc on lol. I usually wear my Snow Cap since it's stil christmas(for those reading right now o_o)and I sell them around 100k each since it's only 10 minutes of sexy-ness lol. Second I wear cubic clips so I can get some OBB's(old blue box) and open them. Yeah it sucks but still, after a few hundred OBB's I find a few things thats are good, like Macho man glasses, Jack be dandy etc. Thats it for my guide~ I hope it sucks =DDDDDDDDDDDD Special Thanks to : Me of course for sitting here with my mom reading over my should and hurting my butt on the hardwood floor. But its nice =D it's so smooooooooooooooooooooooth gRO GM's for making this server. I probally would be still maple-ling >.> Every reading. Dark Angel for the dagger build. My mom for peaking over my shoulder every-time I do something on my laptop in her room watching TV and multi-tasking like cuhwayzeeeeeeeee Rice for being so good And my stupidity =D Jay kayyyy Also I'm recruiting Volunteers for my new build I'm working on. Project KDagger, PM me if you want more information. And more guides to come(if you guys like it atleast....) But seriously this is my first guide so I thought (hey it's my first so let it suck =D)
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