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  1. Everade

    Summer Event

    Congratulations to all the fishing screenshot winners! All prizes have been mailed. Thank you for your participation!
  2. can you please do the following: Go to: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ Tell me both, your IPv4 and IPv6 address (in private). Then start your patcher, and answer here so i know the aprox. time stamp to look for. In case you're being blocked by our website, i could check the firewall logs.
  3. Everade

    Server & Time

    New Server Hardware GatheringRO has been successfully merged to brand new server hardware. With that, the game server is now running on the latest generation of hardware available, which gives us a great performance boost in all directions. We made sure to get rid of bottlenecks that we've noticed on our recent server, but also improved performance overall. Since our patcher system is now running through our website instead of the old game server, this swap was seamless, without the need to re-install the game client. SQL Database Performance A server migration is always a great opportunity to get core software back up to speed with their latest version releases. But running and maintaining an SQL Database with a vast amount of data bandwith usage can be challenging. We've invested most of the migration time to improve on core SQL settings, which is the very heart of our game. Basically everything you do runs through and saves within our SQL database in one way or another. We will continue to monitor our tweaks to improve our database performance even further, as soon as we've gathered enough live data to do so. Server Security We've always given great care to the security of our game server, but there's always room to improve upon security. That's why we've increased our security standards for our game server, to keep your account and characters safe and sound. Please don't forget that it's still necessary for you to keep your username and password private and safe. Do not share them with anyone! We will never ask you for your password. We highly recommend using password managers like LastPass, to create strong passwords without the struggle to remember them. Server Time Our heroes failed to stop Time Holder, as he managed to change our server time! But we think he did a great deed! Not only our base time changed, but we also got rid of daylight saving time. Everything around Gathering Ragnarok Online is now running on the UTC standard format, instead of GMT+1 (+Daylight Saving Time). What does that mean? Coordinated Universal Time (or UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. It represents both, UTC (+ 0) and GMT (+ 0). No daylight saving time means, that we will no longer adjust our server time during winter and summer time. It will never change ever again! Conclusion: It will be easier for players worldwide to calculate the time difference between the server and your county. If you live in an area of UTC + 4 (or GMT +4), you're simply running 4 hours ahead of our server time. More and more countries are getting rid of the daylight saving time recently, while others never used it in the first place. We're glad to support the cause by creating more simple time management in our daily life. In-Game Events: Our event triggers (WoE, BG Happy Hours, World Bosses) haven't changed yet! That means everything starts 2 hours prior than before the server migration took place. We might adjust all events by 1 or 2 hours in a future update, to compensate for the time change. Both our Website, and the World Boss timers have been adjusted accordingly to represent the new time base. WoE Rewards We've witnessed several players trying to abuse the WoE reward system by feeding kills to friends. As a result, a handful of player accounts have been temporarily banned and punished additionaly. At the same time, we've adjusted the WoE reward system, which now punishes feeding accordingly by design. We also took the time to rebalance some of the base rewards, especially for player kills to fight further against abuse. Please note that these abuse cases had nothing to do with the recent server downtime. Important Statement Details about the server downtime will not be shared, due to several reasons. However: We've implemented several counter measurements and increased our logging capabilities to silently track down people we haven't catched just yet, or who're already on our radar. ~<3 We have an absolute 0 tolerance policy to cheating and bug abusing. We don't care about your invested time as long as you don't care about us. Make sure you're aware about our In-Game rules before heading into oblivion. Just because we haven't catched you right away doesn't mean that you escaped punishment. Always report bugs, exploits and any other kind of abnormal behavior that you encounter, as stated in our rules. Don't give us a reason to sneak up on you in the first place. Second chance is considered creating a new account, not unbanning an account that has been permanently banned. Since permanent cases have been harming the server/economy and player fairness directly, we show as much mercy as they've shown us and the community. The only way to lower your punishment or be released from it entirely, is by filling a private support ticket or a bug report beforehand. Please note that we do not hand out permanent bans lightly, they're always our last resort. Punishments are based on: Type of Theft, Total account history, amount of work that has been put into fixing the mess, how much/long the abuse has been taking place and so on. Once you're on our radar, we take the time to invest your account logs several years backwards. Investigating is always extremely time consuming, which means that other content will be delayed eventualy. But we take our time to prevent false punishments, and also to understand the core issue, so we can fix it up. We believe that games should be an escape from reality, so show our community that you're better than the real world out there. Support us by reporting. Thank your for your understanding, and your support.
  4. Website time never changed and is absolutely unrelated to these issues. Issues would mainly occur if your own PC time isn't in sync, however yet again, absolutely unrelated to the website's hosting location. What changed is our game server time, which is now running on UTC instead of GMT+1 + summer time. If you're seeking personal assistance, please let me know so we can create a remote session. 80% of connection issues are usualy related to anti virus applications. If you don't want my personal direct support on your PC, please do some basic tests like: 1.) Does it work with a different computer using the same internet connection. 2.) Does it work the same PC but using a different internet connection (mobile hotspot for example) 3.) Does it work with your anti virus entirely disabled 4.) Does it work after a router + switches + pc restart
  5. @Madeleine Sounds like something is blocking the patcher entirely from writing files onto your pc. Let me know if i can assist you with a personal remote session.
  6. That's unfortunate. But yes, asia regions have a rather expensive bandwith costs relative to europe / america. And lots of them have still some of the worst infrastructure to date. As such, if our website uses lots of traffic, they might re-route you to a different pop/node. (according to their official statement) However you still benefit from lots of technilogical advantages which speeds up our website immensly. Please note that lots of content is still being delivered through our source host.
  7. @symbio What do you mean that's why you dislike cloudflare? Without cloudflare, all content would be delivered from europe, which would be way slower. Cloudflare has been deactivated for now, until i've found a solution for the problem. So all content should be delivered directly from the source.
  8. Please navigate to the GatheringRO installation folder. Delete the following files: patch_allow.txt patchList.txt Then, start the patcher. Please let me know which of these 2 files have been generated. Is only patchList.txt missing, or both?
  9. Please make sure that Avast isn't blocking the patcher. It is most likely the culprit here. Either deactivate it entirely, for testing purposes, or directly add the patcher to its whitelist. What you can also try is deleting the browser cache of your Internet Explorer.
  10. We're currently not touching any skill balancings, as any time spent on the current balance state would be wasted time once the planned changes arrive. Right now, we're fully focused on the normalization and major class rebalance patch that's coming up next. So you have to bare the current skill state until we're ready for the release.
  11. Everade

    Guide Event

    All prizes have been handed out. Thank you for your support! Enjoy! ~<3
  12. Everade

    Going Forward

    @Ryu Sakamoto @Sanaaa I'm truly sorry if i ever made you feel this way. It's not in my intention to let certain players slip through while others get punished for similiar cases. Please always reach out to me if you feel that something's going the wrong way. Don't hate me based on assumptions, that's only going to make it worse for the both of us. From now on, i will never accept any unofficial report ever again, and answer accordingly. That's a promise.
  13. Everade

    Going Forward

    Please enlighten me, i'm listening. In all honesty, i've no idea what you're talking about when you say: "we all know why" ~ Maybe you do, but i really don't. I guess someone you hate was the abuser and now i'm big friends with that guy because he or she has not been punished? I'm only asuming, but it sounds like you guys think that's the case. Let's make something clear and official: I don't have any personal relation to any of our players. Maybe i'm chatting with oldies every once in a while in private, but then really in private and not RO related, and they don't even play gRO anymore. If you think anyone else has a "personal relationship" ( or whatever you think that i have ) with me, please let me know whom. I'm truly interested, because i'm a pretty lonely soul and could need an actual friend And yes, i watch Ace Windstorm's streams when i get the chance to do so. But that doesn't mean that i'm fully taking attention to a 1~2 hour stream while i'm actualy working on the server and running the stream in the background. And i can only repeat: Please start creating proper player reports. It takes the same amount of time, but i could finally have some proper management instead of forgetting private messages.
  14. Everade

    Going Forward

    @Ryu Sakamoto I 'm sorry, but this one must have been slipped through when i wrote the article, since it has not been reported through our official player report section. I checked all official reports of the last year when i wrote it and didn't remember any specific case myself. Please note that i always delete private messages in bulk, and do not revisit them when i see that i've opened & answered them already. I don't have enough time to revisit every single discord and forum private chat and move on with my daily business. In a lot of cases, i respond to messages during daytime, when i'm not in front of my home-pc (which is where i work on gRO). Then you're either lucky and i can remember it when i get home, or it will most likely be deleted at a later date without taking another look at it. In this case, neither the actual bug, nor the player report has been properly reported. When the private message states *This topic is now closed to further replies* That means that i've deleted it on my side: I think i actualy have taken a look at it, but thought that someone abusing the warping once wasn't reason enough for a punishment. Instead i resolved the issue and closed the case. Not sure though, it's already a while ago and i can't remember it properly. By the way: The only reports i've recieved in the past months may have been very short discord chat notice every once in a while, or the private message from you. If you feel that something went down unfair: Always feel free to show your concerns in public. It's absolutely not my intention to turn a blind eye on anything, but simply handle everything on a case to case basis. But is it really to much from me to ask for a proper player and/or bug report through our official pipe-lines so i don't have tons of additional workload? So when i work myself through them, i can be sure that i haven't missed a special private case. If you're still seeking for sanctions, please re-report it with a support ticket and select player report section. Then i will take another look at it. https://gatheringro.ch/support Thank you. PS: Ban hammer was based on 1 or 2 botter/macro users on the gold field, which were clear and fast cases, also without a proper official report. Someone simply shouted out to me on discord with *i think someone is botting as a gunslinger* Other than that i don't remember specific cases. But feel free to throw another private message at me
  15. Everade

    Ingame Rules

    We've updated our rules: Removed Vote Shop section, since we no longer offer a vote shop. Updated all website hotlinks to their appropriate new sections.
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