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Status Updates posted by Everade

  1. Facebook and Twitter forum Sign-Up and Login integration has been fixed and is back available.

  2. We're getting closer to the patch release.
    I was struggling with a specific client crash, thus holding me back from releasing the prepared updates.


    We've implemented a workaround fix on our test environment so we can get the update going.
    It's not really official yet but my goal is to release the update by this weekend./no1

    1. Koxy


      Thanks sir, appreciate your hardwork 

  3. Working on further event improvements.

  4. Halloween Event content is around the corner.

  5. Will be unavailable during the next week (vacations). 

    I will answer to all private messages and support cases when i'm back at home. /gawi

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    2. Hersheys


      Time for mischief then! /gg

      Lol enjoy your vacation!!

    3. Yzobel
    4. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Take lots of pictures, GatheringRO citizens would like to see them. /slur


  6. Big update will be rolled out by this week!

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    2. lancelot


      This week! /slur Yes!

    3. Koxy


      this weekend? xD

    4. Everade


      Working on the last finishing touches and need to prepare the client side updates.

      Should be released before saturday.

  7. New update is getting more new features than expected. Some exciting new stuff coming very soon!

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    2. lancelot


      How Soon :o excited much here!

    3. Koxy


      This month?/lov2

    4. Everade


      The planned updates require a lot of testing to make sure nothing goes wrong. A new client is being tested as well which involves several features which require even more attention and balancing.

      I may split it into 2 seperate updates.

      So the first one can be released earlier (hopefully by this month).

  8. Busy, working on my diploma.
    Due my lack of activity right now, answers on PMs are expected to have a longer delay.

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    2. Abril♥


      Oh we will have a diploma celebration!

    3. Koxy



    4. Tuna


      Send nudes. ... I mean, CONGRATS

  9. Update sheduled for today (sunday)

  10. Busy working on new content.
    We haven't recieved much feedback lately, so i hope we're working on the right spot.

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    2. Everade


      Battlegrounds overhaul and a lot of other updates.

    3. Erina


      How about the new sprites and main chat?

    4. Everade


      I work on as much new content as i can. There are a lot of other smaller things which need to be adressed as well. Also bug fixes.

      This update was mainly planned for official updates, account plus update and battlegrounds overhaul.

      Channel system exists already?!

      If i find the time to include more, i will work myself through the suggestions list of course.

  11. Working on new xmas themed event.
    Stay tuned ;)

  12. Halloween annual events are getting closer.

  13. Thanks to the donaters, there's more special content coming up than initialy planned. Thank you!

    1. Yzobel


      Thank you always for giving me/us your time for WOW 10 years and counting ROserver <3

    2. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      Bonus donation points when buy again please <3 <3

  14. Have you noticed the latest patches? I've been working on something everyone loves. But it requires some more preperation so everthing goes right on day 1.

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    2. lancelot


      Woah another update :D how about the vote points tho if we may ask? Is it official :D?

    3. Koxy


      Update Log?

    4. Everade


      no update log as long as it's not released. This was only the patch required for the system to work.

  15. An alerting increase of system abusers have been detected an perm banned. We don't take this lightly. We highly recommend to stick with 1~2 accounts. There's no need for more. Abusers will be entirely perm banned 4 life.

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    2. Koxy


      what kind abuse u detect?How bout autovend?

    3. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      How come we only heard of Keos?

      This is way too odd.

    4. LKshaye
  16. Working on the next content which builds up on our latest reward updates. A lot of things are getting connected to shape the planned, expanding end-game content.

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    2. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      Looking forward to more improvements! Thank you for all the time!

    3. Dany


      cant wait! Thanks for working hard, keep up the good work eve !

    4. RainbowPowder


      I came back just in time then LOL

  17. If there's anything in the cash shop you want your hands on... This is your last chance before the overhaul takes place by this weekend!

    1. Hersheys


      OMG YAASSSSS! Finally! :D

    2. Menard29


      can't log in :o

  18. Baldr's brain chemistry is currently being adjusted...

    1. Sissney


      Wow, that sounds pretty odd! A miscalculation and Baldr may end up growing boobs :V

  19. Checkout our Facebook Page for a small teaser! https://www.facebook.com/gatheringro/

  20. Exciting new content on the horizon!

  21. Any MAC user out there who could test for me if gRO now works using CrossOver or similiar? The latest client should be able to handle it. Confirmation would be great.

    1. Tunes


      I can try but I can't access my main account

    2. Derpotato


      I know I am 4 years late but I confirm that gRO have been running on our 5-6 year old Macbook Air since last month. :)

  22. Anyone interested into testing a beta of the upcoming update?

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    2. Ren


      everade, does saving resource do not interrupt normal? its been there like 3 hours.

    3. windhover
    4. Everade


      saving resource should not take any longer than 1 minute.

      And the beta will be extended as i haven't recieved enough feedback as of yet.

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