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  1. Charleston Crisis * This is a major overhaul on the entire story of the Charleston Crisis Memorial Dungeon. The initial release was entirely custom and included very bad story-telling. To get this done right, the entire instance has been recreated from the ground up, which is based on the official story. This is quite an extensive overhaul, so get yourself engaged in the all new captivating story-line. Enjoy ~ * Improved overall instance flow with clear instructions on what you have to do. * Improved the monster respawn-mechanics so Steps no longer spawn at the outer-ring. Finishing the optional Main Computer quest should no longer be an issue. * The map point indicators are no longer shown when walking outside the laboratory as this is how the official mechanics work. You can always get back to Charleston 1 to get another glimpse on their estimated spawn locations. * The amount of Locksteps you have to kill now scales based on your party size up to a max of 7. Solo-Players now only have to kill 3 of them to continue with the next steps. Old Glast Heim - Hard Mode * Fixed issues related to picking the difficulty mode, which in some cases resulted hard mode to spawn normal mode monsters. * Optimizations to prevent an announcemend to be triggered upon every monster kill when the Guardians spawn. Infinite Space * Fixed a reward exploit that allowed you to get all rewards for free. This was a hotfix right after initial release, thanks to a quick player report. * Typo and other minor fixes throughout the new Memorial Dungeon. Skill Balancings * Axe Tornado ( 25.04.2020 - already announced on Discord) A big portion of the initial nerf (24.04.2020) has been reverted. At the same time the cast time customizations have been removed. This should bring the skill closer to its original design and give it a bigger punch. Our original cast time and damage buffs in conjunction with the latest gear and card releases do no longer scale as intended. As such, the customizations have been reverted accordingly. Remember: Any skill is always up for discussion as we're open for your constructive feedback.
  2. @[email protected] Bosses already have at least doubled HP and 5 times their original strength (or more, depending on content). Yet they were killed in 3~10 seconds due to 1 single skill that recieved extreme damage buffs due new content dealing millions of damage per second. If you think killing a high-end tier boss in 3 seconds is fun, then we will never be on the same page. At least bosses are pretty to look at i guess?! All i'm reading is: That i'm supposed to changeup the rest of the game to fit that one single skill that was obviously without any single doubt overpowered? Follow-Up Balancings will always take place as new content rises. That's the nature of any MMORPG. Axe Tornado was buffed back in the days due lack of power. Now it simply doesn't scale anymore with todays content so our customizations have been reverted back to official accordingly. And i repeat: Constructive feedback on what exactly you're unhappy with might actualy change something. Because i haven't seen one single word that would describe an actual specific issue with the current situation of the skill. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  3. Please send me a private message with all the details you can remember. I will do my best trying to find your account, and hopefuly recover it.
  4. @[email protected] Thank you for the constructive feedback. I appreciate it.
  5. Please note that we already have a lot of differentiations between PvP and PvE balance. Axe tornado has been buffed by us in the past (until this nerf took place), and the buff consisted out of aprox. 15% damage increase in PvP while having a 20% buff in PvE. Diamond Dust also recieved a major buff by our balancing updates and inflicts aprox 20% less damage in PvP while having a higher output in PvE environment. You get the idea... We have the possibility to differentiate between PvP and PvE (at least in most cases, there are some skills that can't be easily balanced depending on their mechanics). And we always used it accordingly. Please note that i was right by your side when you were running OGH with 4~5 Mechanics and some Rangers spamming axe tornado like there's no tomorrow. Walking through the mobs and bosses like a summer-breeze. I guess you also realised that i lowered the damage live, while you were running the instance. Spamming F1 is not a challenge, that's simply an overpowered skill that destroys the joy of a real fight. It's not in my interest to destroy the value of an entire skill, but playes tend to abuse (for own purposes) such things for years rather than reach out to the community, as an act of *ok let's have a balanced and fair gameplay that's enjoyable for everyone*. And that's the main problem i'm personally dealing with. People tend to say that there shouldn't be 1 person to decide of the fate of class balance. And i truly agree. Then why don't you reach out and help as a community to reach that goal of having a balanced environment? Help me out and let's do this together. I've made more adjustements for now. The custom cast times have been reverted back to official to get closer to its original design in combination with the card and gear sets. At the same time it's nerf has been lowered, which means it's now more powerful again. I still expect more player feedback on this though.
  6. The sole purpose of this nerf was to get the overpowered skill out of the way asap. I expect player feedback to create a proper follow-up balance act.
  7. It was an emergency nerf because players tend to rather abuse it than report and/or handout valuable feedback. So always expect such things to be nerfed to the ground. Once things get nerfed, people usualy start to talk. If not, things usualy stay as they are. I rely on player feedback, so the more i get, the better the overall balancing results.
  8. If you still need assistance, please let me know the exact error the blue screen shows at the very bottom.
  9. Old Glast Heim - Hard Mode Old Glast Heim is a dungeon where you travel back in time to aid Hugin and the Glast Heim Royal Knights in thwarting the plans of evil valkyrie Himmelmez. Introducing OGH's Hard mode, where monsters have higher HP and stronger attacks, but will drop the more valuable Contaminated Magic. Additionally, you will also have a chance of receiving 1-4 extra temporal crystals as compared to normal mode. Are you ready for the challenge? Memorial Dungeon Release * Old Glast Heim Hard Mode instance has been implemented! * Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards * Fixed some NPC locations and view directions Infinite Space Pharos Lighthouse, located south east of Comodo, has collapsed and beneath its ruins there seems to be an “Infinite Space” that stretches endlessly. You can warp to the entrance of Infinite Space using the Warper NPC (Instances > Infinite Space) Memorial Dungeon Release * Instance - Infinite Space has been implemented! * End-Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards * Shattered Magic Stone reward count from bosses scale with player count Get you hands on some shiny new gear, cards and explore infinity and beyond! Charleston Crisis Updates * Re-Factor all triggers and functions, to ensure proper handling of NPC, monster and global instance events. This fixes many more issues that were still present to date and improves the overall quality of the instance. * Increased the size of several invisible trigger areas so you can't miss them anymore. * Added some missing basic instance map restrictions (healing items, ...) Temple of the Demon God Updates * Added some missing basic instance map restrictions (healing items, ...) Misc. Updates * Improved item description for Guardian's Armor to properly define damage type for the bonuses * Fixed Warp Agent to properly check for the Wolfchev's Laboratory quest finalization Alberta invasion * Fixed Phen monsters no longer spawning because that monster id does officialy no longer exist Replaced with a different Phen mob instead. Skill Balancings * Nerfed skill damage of Axe Tornado. Updates that took place prior this patch These hotfixes and updates have already been announced on our discord channel: Item Combos triggering twice * Removed item combo bonuses redundancy which caused combos triggering twice. Charleston Crisis * Re-Factor of how instance variables are handled This fixes several issues related to certain parts of the instance being entirely skipped * Implemented an additional check to prevent players from triggering a monster spawn event multiple times * Several dialogue improvements and technical cleanups/improvements * Fixed Pile Punker upgrading issues * Added an additional timer to properly destroy the instance after the 2 hour time-cap rather than destroying it right away once someone leaves the instance. Temple of the Demon God * Fixed infinite slave spawn loop that caused a map server crash * Re-factored the entrance NPC to fix the issue that only the leader could enter the instance and everyone else was left behind. * Removed some clunky mechanics that the instance may get destroyed while people are still inside. Fixed @mi command * The command now properly returns correct data when checking monster stats Prism View * Fixed several wrong Prism Looks due changed view ids on custom items. They have now been returned to their original state. (mainly prisms that have been created prior christmas 2018) Fixed Combo Bonus effects * Warmaster Badge * Guardian's Bracer Fixed Item Description * Axe Tornado Forum Updates * International Support sections have been entirely removed due lack of community activity. * More inactive sections of the forums have been removed (movies, music, ...) for a clearer overview. * Topic/Post sharing now supports WhatsApp Discord Updates Automated Forum Pushes Our Discord Server now features a new section called Forum. These consists out of automated systems so that new topics being posted within our forums are immediately pushed to our discord server. This allows you and us to reach a broader audience when creating a precious guide or if you want other players to take part in a feedback/suggestion topic. New Emoji Static class related emoji have been added to our library Animated emoji have been added to our library General Changes Joining our discord server now requires you to have a verified e-mail address. Inactive/unregistered accounts have been pruned. Explicit content is now automatically filtered.
  10. Item description will be adjusted in the next client patch. Corrected description:
  11. Squad Prize is handed out by Commander Hibba Agip located at moro_vol,110,90 (where Nidhogg warps you to upon exiting the instance) Nidhogg isn't supposed to reward anything. You must start and complete Hibba Agip's instance-quest to recieve the reward. I've adjusted our wiki accordingly. Current boss drops are: // 100% 607 Yggdrasil Berry x5 // 100% 617 Old Purple Box // 80% 616 Old Card Album // 4% 12246 Mystical Card Album // 2% 22829 Sealed Card Album // 1% 27321 The God of Despair Morocc Card So everything is working as intended.
  12. This is a Windows Operating System Bluescreen. From what i can tell, the Stop Code says: MANUALLY INITIATED CRASH. MANUALLY INITIATED CRASH is a Windows function to cause a bluescreen on purpose, solely for debugging purposes. This crash should never happen unwillingly, and especially not by starting GatheringRO since nothing in or around GatheringRO would ever trigger this specific bluescreen. That means that you've either triggered the Bluescreen yourself?! Or something on your PC is causing it on purpose. (in case that's a screenshot that you've taken from the actual error) My recommendation: 1. Check your PC for malware. Malwarebytes is a very good free Anti-Malware tool to do just that. 2. Update your PC drivers/firmwares, which is generally a good idea. (Visit your PC brand website and navigate to support->drivers enter your PC's serial number and there you go) If you took this bluescreen error off the internet, then my advice of checking for malware isn't really necessary. However updating all your drivers would still make sense. Please let me know if you need any further help or advice.
  13. 1. Anyone is welcome helping out to fill the wiki with information, just ask me to get access. 2. We've had map information up on our monster database in the past, but it had major security leaks and has thus been removed entirely. There are currently no plans on adding that back. Feel free to use the Divine-Pride database for that purpose. https://www.divine-pride.net I will update the website database when i find the time to do so. As i've said, it's updated frequently. 3. The monster stats itself have not been touched. I've only fixed the @mi command which was showing invalid data.
  14. Yes because i created the wiki entry and it's based on the current npc data. However i repeat: It's not yet implemented and may change upon final implementation. I'm still lacking official information to finish it. So if anyone finds a kRO or an iRO video on it, let me know.
  15. 1. There's no resource to check on damage formulas. I've been getting lots of questions on them, and i know that it would be great to have that up on our wiki.... however: * I can't stress enough: There's no easy way read any formula within our emulator. Skills are rather complex since their data is scattered all over the source code and database files. A "could you quickly check on that formular?" is simply impossible. * Skills are constantly changing and i'm simply not capable to additionaly keep up to date on skill changes at all times and feed them to our wiki. That would be an entire job on its own. Feel free to apply for that position. 2. We feature a full item and monster database on our website which is based actual game data. Please note that they don't show live-data, but are updated frequently. https://gatheringro.ch/?module=database It is also important to note that our treasure chest system drops aren't reflected in any of the commands nor databases, thus you can't see them. This isn't intentionaly but a simply missing feature that has not been implemented when designing this custom item drop system. Charleston 3 drops are as follows: // 100% 607 Yggdrasil Berry x5 // 5% 16031 Pile Bunker P // 15% 28101 Axe Tornado[1] // 10% 16033 Robot's Mechanical Arm[2] // 15% 21011 Gigantic Blade[1] // 25% 22043 Supplement Part Agi[1] // 30% 22044 Reinforced Parts - Booster[1] // 70% 6752 Charleston Parts // 1% 4697 Charleston3 Card 3. Fixed @mi command that was showing wrong information. His AGI is actualy 260 with a FLEE rate of 559 Feel free to suggest boss changes in our feedback section. It's the first time i hear someone complaining about not being able to hit Naght Sieger
  16. Su Winterguard isn't fully implemented just yet, that means that NPC is solely a placeholder. It is stated in our wiki entry that her services are not yet available. I'm lacking official information on her services, so i wasn't able to implement her just yet. The npc should also state that when going through her dialogue.
  17. Everade

    Arm Cannon

    1. We're emulating kRO, not iRO, so iRO is always the wrong resource to check on most things, especialy skills, monsters and items. But also lots other other content. I know that's not easy to deal with, but iRO has way too many customizations to be sure that it's truly official. Since our entire emulator is based on kRO and in some cases more up to date than iRO, that's like comparing apples to an orange. 2. Arm Cannon has already received an overhaul with a max skill lvl of 5. So iRO is outdated anyways. This is a pending update refering to the delayed skill updates and will take place once everything has been sorted out for the big update.
  18. Fixed Combo effects for - Warmaster Badge - Guardians Bracer Thank you very much for the indept report. Really appreciate it!
  19. Has been removed Refine ticket lvl 5 does no longer exist.
  20. // Allows to autoloot per rate, type or up to 20 specific items. @aloothelp @alootrate @alootitem @alootinfo @alootclear @autoloot @aloottype @aloottype reset
  21. This is the news section which is solely for the purpose of informing players. Bug reports belong to: https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/forum/73-bug-reports/ Please be as detailed as possible so i can investigate the issue asap. Thank you
  22. Charleston Instance - Re-Factor of how instance variables are handled This fixes several issues related to certain parts of the instance being entirely skipped - Implemented an additional check to prevent players from triggering a monster spawn event multiple times - Some dialogue improvements and more technical cleanups - Fixed Pile Punker upgrading issues
  23. Bug Fixes / Improvements that took place since instance release: Temple Of The Demon God - Fixed a server crash caused by an infinity loop - Re-factored the entrance NPC to fix the issue that only the leader could enter the instance and everyone else was left behind. - Removed some clunky mechanics that the instance may get destroyed while people are still inside. Charleston Crisis - Added an additional timer to properly destroy the instance after the 2 hour time-cap rather than destroying it right away once someone leaves the instance. - Some minor dialogue improvements Other - Fixed item combos triggering twice
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