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  1. hiya diss! belated happy birthday~ (sorry kung super late na) >__

  2. *scared* uhmm hi hanna.. I know this is kinda late but I still want to greet you. Belated Happy Birthday! I hope you're doing well :)

  3. *sighs* ohayou Mirri (its morning already here 3am) I'm sorry for not being able to keep in touch with you. My PC's still broken T_T

  4. mirri.. what happened to yue? T_T

  5. can't wait to be active again :D

  6. I CAN DO IT!! (I'm still uber nervous)

  7. waaaaah I NEED TO PASS!!! and to top hahaha :D

  8. oiii!!!! nakaka KABA ung board exams. July 3-4 na!! waaaaah

  9. I've been dead studying and praying a LOT @[email protected] Board Exams is fast approaching.. July 3-4 >__

  10. Board Exams.. Dun dun dun dun.. @[email protected]

  11. I've been reviewing for the Nursing Licensure Exams here in our country. It's the biggest exam that will um.. decide my future haha. I need to license to work, so I really really need to pass it. My absence ingame is like my ultimate sacrifice haha XDDD


  13. oh I've been SUPER BUSY lately. >_

  14. omg you cosplay xD

  15. Hi Ras!! OMG I like your glasses xD

    and.. I'm in your


  16. ano hmm.. busy po irl hehe graduating n po kasi eh. dami requirements xD

  17. Hi Ate! long time no chat~ xD

  18. I made a note. It contains all my feelings atm.

    I dunno why i suddenly felt depressed.. or maybe i was drowning myself with a lot of stuff just to divert my attention *sighs*

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