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  1. Ay, hahahha! matulog naman pelase! LOL

  2. Syaffalufagus!!


  4. *looks up with teary eyes*

  5. ***sits down on the floor and chews on Lexxy's skirt***

  6. Never regret. Cause at one point, it was EXACTLY what you WANTED.

  7. Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I’ve done it dozens of times. - Yes, Bunty? :P

  8. I wonder if you wonder.

  9. I wish for a stormy Friday.

    1. ShadeBlade
    2. buchic


      It's not like we're on the same continent XD

  10. Let me live the poetries that you write.

  11. I refuse to die today.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. buchic



      I'll put on a heart donor bracelet so i'll be out of the scene fast.

    3. Mahrze


      The paparazzi will get you, they always do xD

    4. buchic


      not like i'm a person of interest.

      .....and damn those 55342565332x zoom lenses.


  12. is exploiting Mondays.

  13. haahahahah you shouldve said..

    "BUT, MOooOOoM!" and pointed at your screen.


  14. ^__________^ FUN!

    But you missed the Event?

  15. Falling through the skies, and frozen places.

  16. yea, chids. I only woe for now ^___^

    let's WOE LATER!!!


  17. :D

    Posted! But I need to know what prize was given to each.

    What were the prizes? XD

  18. Y'know you can't hid from a ninja,

    specially when the ninja saw how you hid yourself.


  19. OIYEEEEEE san na you? Here na us!

  20. LOL well i'm "Ninjaing" stalking your ass

  21. O.O you need to be on it for a while... and yeah it takes some getting used to :c

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