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  1. Your Welcome! Glad I can be of some help to someone long after I stopped getting on this server
  2. Yes, I can add and will add it in the next few minutes with the other few guides that I haven't add yet.
  3. Added! As well as some other along with yours. I guess I need to check forums more often to see if there are any new guides.
  4. hii :D how have you been? been so long since i've checked gro forums.

  5. No problem. : ) Well I updated the guide with a few guides that I found that wasn't on my guide yet. Please feel free to post on here with any guide that I may have missed, haven't gotten to, or about guide that I may have put a title of, but has the wrong link on it.
  6. Yes, I can add and just did. Though just took awhile since i've been so busy with school.
  7. Hi luciene! If you a have a moment, could you add my skins guide to your list of guides? Thank you! http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=37237&st=0&gopid=346634entry346634

  8. Uhm probably not. I don't think I've seen a guide yet for Rune Knights. Although I just got back from vacation so I haven't looked yet. As far as my guide goes, if it's not there then it either hasn't been made yet or I haven't put it up yet. As for the other stuff you wrote, yes it is in the wrong place but good you have gotten an answer for it.
  9. I should say the same to you (;

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