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  1. hii :D how have you been? been so long since i've checked gro forums.

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! Hope it's a good one.

  3. Oh, that sucks. But that's sounds like a good plan and some of those classes you can take there are cheaper than going to one of those 4ish year colleges.Hm going to do a couple of classes over the summer?

  4. Ah, tempting to go visit. XD It's one of those 4 year colleges?

  5. That's good. Oh, are you going to a school in the state?

  6. Oh, I semi don't like low rates and mid rates. well mostly the low rates. Though now I'm starting to not play that much anymore on here and playing other games and work on homework. Though how are you?

  7. Yea, a bit,. But only on weekends.Cyra does too, but dunno if you remember her. Got back on gro a couple of months ago. Are you still playing?

  8. Okay, no problem. You could always post on my thread with the link that I need to add.

  9. Yes, I'm still updating it. I just updated it a couple of days ago, and updating when I can.

  10. Mattttt. Where are youuu?

  11. No problem.

  12. yea, i know when yours is too XD

  13. Yea, I could of. But oh well. So this means you will be more active since you're a gm now?

  14. Congrats nico! i saw you in game awhile ago but no idea where you were.

  15. oh, i guess oh well. lol i got off a bit after she did anyways.

  16. ah okay. at most i might of saw you like once. and i saw her after i finally found where her char was, she pmed me after she saw me.

  17. i have yet to see you in game

  18. oh hm. i think i got most of the new ones that were made that i hadn't put after i saw your comment. not sure if i missed any. though im kind of busy these days, not gonna be able to update it all the time.

  19. o lol okay. maybe i'll see you in game on one of my visits.

  20. oh hmm. not really, I'm a little bit more active in forums than in game. but I do get on occasionally to visit and to see who's online when I get on.

  21. Heyy, how are you? been like forever.are you still playing gro?

  22. CYRA! BEST FRIEND! :D gosh I feel like I kind of have alot to tell you. lol and will tell you in my message when I reply back. which is basically now in email. lol

  23. o,i wouldnt be surprised if its a ton of new people on there. oh what fun that will be later. hopefully there's actually some cool new poeple on there.

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