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  1. well hopefully I'll be on for a while


  3. Awesome pic and siggy I love the smokies!

  4. you don't get enough love *gives you more comment love*

  5. Uhh its called Celestial Reign

  6. we should talk more when we get the chance

  7. Happy New Years and such

  8. Yes Happy New Years Wishes All Around!

  9. Wishing you a happy new year! Don't work too hard :P

  10. Saw you checking out my page so I thought I'd say hi ^^

  11. ty and I hope you had a merry christmas too ^^

  12. Mirri Christmas!

  13. Hey Merry Christmas!!! Thnx 4 the luv!

  14. I'm sorry to hear that you don't enjoy RO as much any way no worries ok?

  15. Just showing some comment love!

  16. Ok I understand it is kind of a lot I guess but thanks for at least looking at it!

  17. Aww I'm always right Sirky you should come give SoF a little love on our Secret Santa Program located in the Soldiers of Fortune thread.

  18. yeah I made my g coats about 500 of them which should last and about 2000 cond. white pots

  19. No I don't and at this rate I never will

  20. I'm surviving I made my own guild so give me a little love between rivals :P

  21. I'm sorry what was i right about Sirky?

  22. we really haven't spoken in a while so I was just saying hello to remind you I haven't forgotten about you or anyone else :P

  23. LiV I'm gonna miss you while you're gone T.T

  24. I started my own guild on a whim so I'll be on a bit more. Plus finals are next week then I'm free for a month!

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