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  1. Ang sekshee naman ni Sekshee

  2. Dear Sem and Khai, I'm sorry..

  3. Wala ka naman eh :(

  4. Miiiiiiiiiiiiich!


  5. Daaas!!! I'm here na! Where are youuu?!?!

  6. Hello! Hehe I'm here now. How about yah?

  7. *searches for mich*

  8. Hai mich! Oh, mag log in kana! Tulog ka ata ng tulog eh?

  9. Watching the vid, Spam Heals on YouTube

  10. It's used to upgrade some select headgears. If you haven't seen the NPC for it yet, you may want to take a look at this: Headgear Upgrade
  11. ahahah Mich XD

    bigyan moko ng screenie nyo gawan ko kayu sig?


  12. don't wurry i don't mind lol i used to it :o

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