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  1. Dear Sem and Khai, I'm sorry..

  2. Wala ka naman eh :(

  3. Daaas!!! I'm here na! Where are youuu?!?!

  4. Hello! Hehe I'm here now. How about yah?

  5. Watching the vid, Spam Heals on YouTube

  6. Waa pati siya i

  7. Woo ang sweet naman ni Jed and Das.. Hahaha! Inggit ako. Sabi ko kay Deo, gawa rin kami ng ganyan. Hahaha! Inggitera ako! Hahaha!

  8. You have iPorn? Can I borrow? Hahaha! Kidding!

  9. JEEED!!! Dapat lang sweet siya. Kung hindi, aawayin ko siya. Hahaha!

    PS: Hi Das!!!

  10. We should always play Hang Khai.. Like I can do that.. -.- Anyways, sorry if I called you with you-know-which-word earlier. Promise, I won't call you that anymore. Please don't be emo anymore, kays? *hugs Khai srsly*

  11. Jeeed! This is you pala, hahaha! Mas sweet nga kayo eh. Look o, you guys have that many screenies in-game. Kami, wala! Huhu, si Deo kasi 'di sweet eh. Cute ng profile mo ah. Magaya ko nga. Hahaha!

  12. Am happy.. How 'bout yah?

  13. All my vids are in my fb.. Though I always look silly in them. Hahaha! And where iz joo NBA?

  14. Gosh, nasa siggy mo pala 'yan boo. -.-

  15. You logged off.. ;c

    Eh, so that's why I've never seen you on in MSN! >;d

    Lol, wanna see the stupid stolen vid of me?

    Oh, and welcome back!!!

  16. I stole ALL your undies! Muwahahaha! >;D

  17. Hmm. Just saw your name down there oh. I was an ex-Ame high priest, (to help you remember a bit.) But I doubt you would, hehe. We somehow met in-game, like twice or thrice. Can't remember now coz that was too long ago... Like...last year.. >.

  18. Kekeke.. Pawnage. /gg

  19. Haha, really, the sight around here is pathetic.. o.o

    Oh well, I can't blame the Creator for making it empty..


  20. Iggy!!! Why did you return those?! Aww gosh.. Where are you? I haven't been seeing you in-game.. Busy at AFK-ing? >.


    I totally love your photo here. Mugiwara no Luffy!!!

  21. Hmm. Janel.. xMortred? Sorry kung mali spelling. >.

  22. Boo..Bii.. Boo.. Bii.. Boobii? Hahaha!!! Ummwaaah!

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