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  1. Dear Sem and Khai, I'm sorry..

  2. Wala ka naman eh :(

  3. Daaas!!! I'm here na! Where are youuu?!?!

  4. Hello! Hehe I'm here now. How about yah?

  5. Watching the vid, Spam Heals on YouTube

  6. It's used to upgrade some select headgears. If you haven't seen the NPC for it yet, you may want to take a look at this: Headgear Upgrade
  7. Waa pati siya i

  8. Woo ang sweet naman ni Jed and Das.. Hahaha! Inggit ako. Sabi ko kay Deo, gawa rin kami ng ganyan. Hahaha! Inggitera ako! Hahaha!

  9. You have iPorn? Can I borrow? Hahaha! Kidding!

  10. JEEED!!! Dapat lang sweet siya. Kung hindi, aawayin ko siya. Hahaha!

    PS: Hi Das!!!

  11. We should always play Hang Khai.. Like I can do that.. -.- Anyways, sorry if I called you with you-know-which-word earlier. Promise, I won't call you that anymore. Please don't be emo anymore, kays? *hugs Khai srsly*

  12. Jeeed! This is you pala, hahaha! Mas sweet nga kayo eh. Look o, you guys have that many screenies in-game. Kami, wala! Huhu, si Deo kasi 'di sweet eh. Cute ng profile mo ah. Magaya ko nga. Hahaha!

  13. Am happy.. How 'bout yah?

  14. All my vids are in my fb.. Though I always look silly in them. Hahaha! And where iz joo NBA?

  15. Gosh, nasa siggy mo pala 'yan boo. -.-

  16. You logged off.. ;c

    Eh, so that's why I've never seen you on in MSN! >;d

    Lol, wanna see the stupid stolen vid of me?

    Oh, and welcome back!!!

  17. I stole ALL your undies! Muwahahaha! >;D

  18. Hmm. Just saw your name down there oh. I was an ex-Ame high priest, (to help you remember a bit.) But I doubt you would, hehe. We somehow met in-game, like twice or thrice. Can't remember now coz that was too long ago... Like...last year.. >.

  19. Kekeke.. Pawnage. /gg

  20. Haha, really, the sight around here is pathetic.. o.o

    Oh well, I can't blame the Creator for making it empty..


  21. Iggy!!! Why did you return those?! Aww gosh.. Where are you? I haven't been seeing you in-game.. Busy at AFK-ing? >.


    I totally love your photo here. Mugiwara no Luffy!!!

  22. Hmm. Janel.. xMortred? Sorry kung mali spelling. >.

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