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  1. lol can u check it....btw i cant send u a msg here...its error..it says " You cannot send another PM until Apr 24 2009, 04:32"..LOL

  2. cold...oww..go get sum human blanket then..

    well just login cuz the guys were asking bout stuff...btw i got sumthing to tel you.//i`l just msg it..

  3. aw..sick?...

    food poisoning again?..i`m good..kinda busy with sum stuff...

  4. hope you fail your drving test...hahaha

  5. hows you doin?..

  6. your fault i login back..hahahahaha

  7. awtz...atay dugay naku ng quit...hahaha...

    kalaban naku mga gm diri..hahaha

  8. lol i think all the best player in unde already quit...who stil deffending the guild now?...haha

  9. hiz lex...you stil a player huh?..hahah

    u still have does hot long legs of yours..hahaha

    dang i miss your eyes..the way u move it..ahahh


  10. merry christmas & happy new year..i love you...sorry for leaving u guys...dont hate me for it.

  11. RO is already been deleted...took me weeks to think bout it..haha

  12. everytime i make a topic..it gets closed like 5mins after...hahaha

  13. yan ung chixs moh..bwahaha

  14. lol'd at your report...join guild discusion for once...

  15. you look so young...bwahaha

  16. tubig

    yo hows you & work doin?

  17. lol its lupin & fujiko..its anime....haha

    i was lonely..rofl

  18. miss you guys..hehehe

  19. dude go fucking login once in MSN or RO..hhahahhaha

  20. you shud....please

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