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  1. hi to fundamentals =) i miss you all

  2. im ok now guys =) i was unbann by marc , cause i was not really the GM of that inappropriate guild name .. thx for concern guys.. thx zie =)

  3. Happy birthday GM everade! more power to GRO!!

  4. HeLp! how can I put pictures on my profile????

  5. oopss! me fine guys.. just bc from wOrK ^_^

  6. Burn here GM.. ^^

    @nico = bulag haha (joke)

  7. my beatiful GM holy.. mmwaahh!! lol

  8. in this great land, there was a fixed determination that men should be free: that God himself had written it, as it were, by his own finger, in the Constitution of our great government. OUR 3 STARS >>>SOMETHING TO BE PROUD Of. :=)

  9. And more thing..Our thoughts means a lot! we focused on our blessings and the fact that we were a free people, that we were not a military nation, brought upon us the contempt and ridicule of some of the great armed powers, because they thought we were helpless. They did not understand that underlying this apparent peacefulness,

  10. Well..that is your point of view.. I understand your opinion..History has nothing to do in my LIFE! History is just only what happens in the PAST! But we Filipinos are preparing for the FUTURE! We are strong enough to face all the Challenges. Anyway History has nothing to do here in GRO. Grow UP! :-)

  11. Ow's really crushcard?? so what are you doing now? It is a SIGN of IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY! LOL! Why did you reacted when I post I'am proud to be a FILIPINO? whahah! I am PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yeah! there's something to be proud of..I'am a Filipino! You know what? We Filipinos are smart we don't entertain negativity and criticisms..specially those races who discrimanate us! We are PROUD to be PINOYS! :-)

  13. There's something to be proud oF! I 'am a Filipino! Mind your own business Crushcard!

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