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  1. Yue

    Zie's Art

    Seeing those videos or Orion just made me even more sad for being allergic to cats. D: He looks like a young version of the cat I had when I was around 2 years old, before we had to give him and another cat away because of the damned allergy started. I'm glad I still have some pictures of them. And by the way, you chose a nice name for him. Orion sounds good and fits him (as far as I can judge by those couple of videos, lol). :]
  2. Yue

    Mirri's Gallery

    You're running some serious business here. 8D Too bad you didn't post those sexy stick-people of yours. Although you'd probably have to cencore the whole pictures. <3
  3. Yue

    OH IT'S KATON. How are you man? :D

  4. Mirri


  5. Happy Doomsday! Yet again.

  6. Finland won IIHF World Championship Final against Sweden, 6-1. FUCK YEAAAHH.

    1. Yotin


      Buuuuuuuu ....

    2. Mirri



    3. Yotin


      well congratz Finland for a second time world champion !

  7. Yue

    Mirri's Gallery

    Aww, you haven't posted the fanservice drawing of Hideya. xDD I've noticed your style with drawing chibi has improved (I especially find them better looking now altough I'm still not a fan of chibis). And I'm glad to see you're still doing requests/commissions and haven't gotten bored yet. 8D
  8. Mirri

    Same. I'm waiting for class to start. Maths... Urgh!!


  9. Yue

    I want chocolate ice cream now that I saw that pic of yours. D:

    But I'm stuck at school to write my thesis report. -3-

  10. I'm so disappointed my class couldn't try extinguishing a burning human at fire-risk work training today. I was so looking forward to doing it. .___.

    1. GeeGeeGina


      i wish i had a class like that... XD

  11. Yue

    Triple "B" Event

    Name : Yue Chang Shi Wish : Shark Hat Reason why I want the item : I love sharks and having this headgear would be awesome, but as it was a donation and not available anymore, there's no possibility to get it now. :l
  12. Yesss, got new Polychromos color pencils. *__*

    1. Mirri


      Now go and colour your fan service picture. LOL.

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