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  1. Dany

    We're Happily Back!

    Welcome back !
  2. Dany

    March Updates - Part 2

    Woodie doesn't have that command i've double checked just now
  3. Dany

    March Updates - Part 2

    Nice update Eve as always ! Can we get an update on the world boss clock ? Also its possible to get auto-feed pet system for woodie ?
  4. Dear Santa,My name is Travis Touchdown ingame and my real name is Daniel (NOT PEDRO SHUNOTWIFU) - I am 24 years old.I'd really like to have an Rainbow Sash, as its rare and I kinda dont need any headgear at the moment because reasons (shu would prob hack my acc *pls report jk* :c )Hopefully you can fulfill my wish so I can become all fab and rainbow ~ Yours,Dany
  5. +1 for the increase of refine rate, it doesnt impact much beyond +15 so it sounds fair to me !
  6. Dany

    Taming Item

    weird, I didnt changed anything since few months when I did daily
  7. Dany

    Taming Item

    so I tried to tame Dokebi with his taming Item : Old Broom, tried like 10+ times but it didint work is it just bad luck or he got a new taming item ?
  8. Carlos is my kind of bish <3 ! Glad he came back this year, nice guide khai \o !
  9. Dany

    Shuichi's Art

    Wifu is leaving no point in comming back bah >:c
  10. omg <GM> Nab ! *quick hide ur wife, ur kids and ur wives ;o; ! gz btw \o

    1. Sissney


      tnx Dany xD


  11. /lvSending my love to ma wifu since she ignored me nows, but I still love y /lv

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Shuichi


      Don't believe that @raphaelluigi, he is on parteh all day long :).

      I'm there sometimes! just passing by /ok I have been a little busy with school but in my free times, I'm online /heh

    3. aLeL


      I still luv you all.....except Shuichi....la la al al ala .....hahahahha

    4. Dany


      alllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!! /lv

  12. Bish~ /heh /lv baaaaahahaha!!

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    2. raphaelluigi
    3. Shuichi


      Wow... great Daniel. I wish one day I can receive those words too, BIATCH. Bai.


      And... LOL... you got some visitors for mah comment, even one asian guy that don't talk to me but he was reading it. /ok

    4. Dany


      tsh tsh all my love for u wifu /lv

  13. New Avatar made by my wifu @Shuichi for mah bday , love it <3 

  14. yes that too, I used to use my woodie while doing adventure quests and everytime I jumped he just talked, It was kind of annoying (tried to show that to eve but in town he decided to be quiet XD)
  15. also please me let me add something about this suggestion since its about pets : Enable/Disable loyal pet talk please if possible
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