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  1. I have to wait for the changelog to write all the things that i've observed. But so far: 1.) Expanded jobs' name is still on Korean language Fixed 2.) Font is too big, and inventory window (not friendly for small screens) Fixed 3.) GX's cloaking exceed gives the GX max movement speed (It's like having bras+moonie+gryphon at the same time) 4.) Almost all skils have very low after-cast delay (it's like having 2 kiels always) 5.) Mechanic's cart boost is nerfed? (no movespeed increase at all) 6.) Ceromain potions are giving weird Stone effect after use. Fixed 7.) When I click 'Cancel' on Character Select window, it asks whether I want to exit the client or not. (Which is supposed to be back to userpass form on the old client). Is this official? Official
  2. Hoping for the best!

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  5. Happy 5th Anniversary Ghostz!

  6. Don't mix gRO with other servers. Much better if you just downloaded the whole installer, or have fresh kRO then install the Lite there.
  7. I don't get what you are trying to say. Could you please elaborate the problem? I've been using swordsman mercenary (the one in izlude) perfectly.
  8. It's not the guild's fault that the members are active and loyal and therefore many...
  9. Might as well change WoE2.0 time since only few play on 18:00 timeslot?
  10. Topic isn't about only YOURSELF. It is for the guild to have motivation to play WoE oh and good thing everade follows this thread. We have been waiting for updates
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