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  1. That last link... When I started : "Haha, how scary can a comic be. If I scroll down slowly nothing will surprise me~" When I ended : That scared the crap out of me ..''OTL I'm never reading random comics again.. --- Btw, this really short manga isn't that scary (more like weird/scary) but I suggest reading it if you haven't yet. http://www.justmegawatt.com/comics/enigmaofamigarafault.html I also really love the manga's "Fuan no Tane" and "Fuan no Tane Plus". (1-4 pages long scary stories)
  2. ~(ಠ﹏ಠ )~

  3. Kaya

    I finished & posted your drawing, it's in my gallery, in the GFX-section o3o

    1. Rahul


      I luv luv it. Thank you sooooo much <3 <3

  4. Kaya

    Zue's Art

    Great siggys ♥ and I like the colored sketches (mainly the middle one). c:
  5. Anyone know how much deviling rucksack is worth these days? o3o
  6. Got her very first tattoo today ♥

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    2. Kaya


      a little bit above my hand, I put a picture on my profile c:

    3. akira21


      haha iwas gonna ask for a pic of it nvm, awesome tat xD and i'll send you the drawing when im finish with it^^

    4. Mirri


      Completely agree with Frus' comment... (;°ω°) Everyone's taste differs though, so if you like it it's okay.

  7. Kaya

    Mirri's Gallery

    The 2 you posted today are realy adorable ♥
  8. Kaya

    Omg, I saw your video for the Gro's got talent thing. Its great ♥ :D

    Btw, whats the name of the song?~

  9. Btw, *looks at the age thing*

    77 years old lol? when did you grow so fast ;__; ?

  10. well, I like looking around on forums and read pointless topics xD

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. Kaya

    Oh and, I'm fine, you? :o

  13. Kaya

    School is fine .. :0

    And quitting doesn't have anything to do with me not posting pictures,

    I stopped playing gRO some months ago, I just like to look around on the forums

  14. Kaaaton x ♥

  15. Kaya

    Not posting any pictures :o

  16. Kaya

    bambomechiwawa :o

  17. Kaya

    my hair is now longer than in that pic o3o

  18. Kaya

    The character i use the most now is Hemina but I don't play on gRO anymore..

  19. Kaya

    Ichiki was one of my characters but I'm from Belgium, not Germany c:

  20. goood, you?


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