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  1. Hey Everade, Thanks for your reply and if i can help as much as i can :-) I knew that Gathering RO is live for a very very long time and I'm glad to see that it evolved great. Here a few things to be maybe considered in fact of balancing. THink a Pool would be nice for that. - Reduce the effect of Kiel Card 30% -> 15% - Re-Enable the use of healing items in the instances ( for esspecially the one created by Creators - Slim White, Enriched WHite Z and so on) - Berrys Seeds can stay disabled i think. - Set a fix reuse time on Berrys and seeds Like 5-10 sec delay before reuse (C
  2. Hey there, Well i came in contact with this Axe TOrnado when I Hunt down my first TUrtle General. I was there just waiting with my ranger to slowly take him down (Elven Bow +5). When a mechanic appeared my first thinking was: WOw nice competition :-) But then when TG spawned and the mechanic killed him in just 1 second with like 6 Axe Tornado with 30k hits my thinking changed to: Da heck... They didnt balanced out Kiel.. xD Well Ragnarok with 3rd classes espacially in High Rate Situation is hard to balance out. Mainly this takes place in PvP. But as you know, the Inst
  3. +1 Or even a Choice which mission to get, like a sub-menu where to select the mission type
  4. Ahhh xD I searched at Consumables and the npcs
  5. Hey there, Another suggest from my side. Can the Silvervine Fruit (ID 6417) be added to the Cashshop? ( Like a 1pc, 5 pcs box, 10 pcs box) Or even a Quester for them like from RO RE:Start https://irowiki.org/wiki/Silvervine_System be added? Alternativ it could be added as Exchange for A,B,C Quest COupons? Greetings, Mindless
  6. Hey there, Is it possible to add the aloot type function to filter autoloot (aloot) into the types? (usable,healing,armor,Etc,cards) I realy enjoyed this feature on other low-midrate servers for farming. An Alternativ would be the creation of aloot lists, where a predefined items can be looted. For example @aloot savelist 1 @aloot list 1 (985,984,969) Greetings, Mindless
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