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  1. possibly o3o. Thing is im just not on RO at all :X. Im usually out playing tennis now adays.

  2. Sneaks on back on the GRO forums :D

  3. :o checks out the new website :o Looks awesome
  4. D: that profile picture /o reminds me something horrible i saw long ago x.x you might know what im talking about. If not DONT ASK RAWR

  5. says hi to everyone up on GRO :3.

  6. Mirri >:3 hewwo.

  7. :o Hiya Kathrine.
  8. i know my client redownloaded! but i dont know how to build my chars no more :

  9. Zie be awesome +_+

  10. :o Happy super belated birthday D:
  11. Is a total noob in GRO D:

    1. Kaya


      You are not ;_;

    2. xKaton


      Renewal mechanics make me super noob D:

  12. Redownloading Client Atm owo;

    1. Sawkin


      Welcome Back =)

  13. Hopefully i can fix my gRO problem >.

  14. xKaton

    Im be busy learning how to become an IT/ System Analyst and Designer owo.

  15. How is Emma :3?

  16. Atm im off gRo i think i need to redownload it cause even though i patched my client i keep getting Fail to connect to server :<.>

  17. ooo Promoted back to GM O_O? Does that mean your playing again :3?

  18. Sadly i keep getting failed to connect to server errors >.<. but too lazy to redownload maybe ill do it eventually>

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