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  1. A new drawing? Sorry and not to be offensive and all. It looks like a grandma that hasn't changed the appearance of her face/skin. Peace! Keep it up
  2. Looool! I just said i like the santa suit too but I didn't know you would actually draw it. xD I should have said I like Gryphon and RG more!!! Keep up the good work!
  3. Yes, I do aloot blue gemstone because it has 100%. The only thing with that is either your inventory is open all the time just to count how many you have killed or you kept on checking them every single time. When your inventory is open you could miss some crystals because it blocks part of your view. It is just a small suggestion to help make the crystal mining a bit better than before.
  4. [Small suggestion] When you kill your daily quest monsters it has a counter how many you have killed. It would be nice to have it on the mining too. There are some cases that you might encounter 2-4 crystal but you already have 19 kills before you warped out. The extra loots however are not accounted for anymore so you have to quickly go in. Once you go back in you always have to check the last spot you have been just in case it dropped something while you were outside. Example: [Crystal Mine] You have killed 4/20 Strange Crystals, keep it up! Side Note: Jump and burn them all.
  5. We would always have newbies and we would always have old players. It cannot be denied that players who are in the server for more than 3 months might already have geared up compared to newbies who just started. Everyone starts being a newbie and work their way up to get good gears. There is always a trial and error when it comes to balancing things and it can take time. Being knowledgeable of ragnarok is a good thing because you can always tweak stuff and improve things but then again you need players to test them for themselves because they are the one who uses those features. It could be the users risk on trying to refine their item further. If it fails then they can always go back to +4 without a problem because of the safety limits. instead of going from +8 or +9 to +6 and then HD ores cannot be used. It is because the HD Ores and Blessed Ores are the main thing like I said before. Now that people are trying to upgrade items people rely on those HD's. Normal elunium and oridecon can only go until safe limits and their already useless if you are upgrading a good gear. Official files are there as a guide and as base to the server but when a private server like ourselves use it we can always tweak it depending on what the server needs. It isn't about people getting close to +20 because people are already happy with their +10 items because of the refinement system. +11 and so on are already a blessing and a very very good upgrade. A second pair of something like an end gear is not easy to get for some people and their busy life but for some it can just take days or a weeks. It is a risky game but people do like to gamble because it could be that they might end up having a better gear. Drastic change isn't really the solution but more like a small change can really help make a difference. Side note: Refinement has been brought up and talked about in-game most of the time because there is a real issue and the players who play our server aren’t happy. I’m not too sure if people would have the courage to post something like this on forum since talking about this refinements and such always leads to rejection so no one bothers to even try. @Gale Windscar thanks for the effort!
  6. My point of view is to increase the refine rate a bit more since GatheringRO Refinement System (Event) does rarely happen. Yes, It seems impossible to be approved but as you know this is the feedback and suggestion so anything goes. It doesn't matter whether it is approved or not but at least it is out there to be discussed. It takes time to get those certificates specially if you just play the game for 1-2 hours. Blessed ore and HD's are suppose to only help refine items and not to be the main thing that refines them all. Considering that there is still a Mechanic that can refine weapons to +10 but they can't use HD or Blessed but with luck they can somewhat still manage to produce some +10 despite the refine rate system we have. Also you have to consider people who do not go daily quest and wait for rewards it takes them a whole month to wait to get some random certificate. If you are a donator and got a good certificate you could keep on buying and try your luck but for non player it is really hard. Stated above: There is a problem on the system because people have lost a lot whether you are a donator or non donator just because of the refine rate system. Suggestion: Maybe, take of the Event column row on the refinement and put it onto the actual refinement system. Every little helps and 5% (on event) is a big difference already but as i said it rarely happens. I do agree on this suggestion and I just added a few eye opening for people what the problems are so please feel free to comment and share your opinion. Also it might be good to think about making some of those certificates be available not only on daily quest and daily rewards. Side note: If you ever do play MMORPG besides ragnarok you would know that even if you have the same equips as people other and max refine rates it all comes down to how good you are on that class. It's all about the skills and how you execute them properly.
  7. The guide needs update but here is the new coords for the Sign Board to start the quest. @warp althea_in 39 38
  8. @D e M o N I have actually made a guide for that (Link) and it was when we could still dual. In fact I have consider that idea but then again since there is no dual anymore the only way is to create those bottles yourself. Asking friends could be also an option but I doubt that people would stick around when you are trying to create around 10k-30k set of bottles.
  9. I have seen a lot of genetics as of late thus the increase demand of Acid Bottle and Bottle Grenade for Acid Demo. There is a way to get those bottles which involves Heroism Badge from Battle ground. 1 Heroism Badge = 40 pcs of Acid Bottle 1 Heroism Badge = 40 pcs of Bottle Grenade Those who do not go Battle Ground there is another option which is to make it yourself. The problem is that it takes ages to make a lot bottles because once you use the Pharmacy Skill (level 10) it only gives you one bottle (which is intended based on the original script). The suggestion is to make the skill work as Mix Cooking Skill so it would be easier to make bottles in less time.
  10. The error is still there same error codes.
  11. Reset your look on the website and see if it helps.
  12. Even with the patches that was release the error still persist. I think both female and male because I get a different error.
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