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  1. yooooo! sup?

    1. Everade


      Tons of things, missed you :)

  2. Alejandro Manzano!

    Shackle Ball!


  3. You made my hair look like a girl xD

    Cool drawing

  4. some headgears that you left me xD

  5. Dude play again. I think I still got some of your headgears xD

  6. Sup? xD

    Long time no see...............................

  7. ok. take care. xD

  8. ho lol... sna magtgal k nman 2lad ng dati xD

  9. pssssssst! xD

  10. i can't find you o_O

  11. lol hahaha

    anong ign? XD

  12. lol anong character? XD

  13. Good! :P

    See ya in woe then

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