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  1. Boooom! quitters quit?

  2. bogoy

    New Content!

    Can you include Odins Mask?
  3. bogoy

    Server Updates

    "STRATEGY" he he he....
  4. bogoy

    Letter To Santa

    Dear Santa, I am Deoferd 25 years of age, from Philippines , I'm Firzen ingame. Me and my friend are craving for a tiraya bonnet ever since we played GRO. Hoping that you can grant my wish for we will be sharing it in spending time in game. Kudos for the 3rd job, and merry christmas to all Deoferd.
  5. lol why cant they accept the fact that they cheated and we dont, and we got banned coz we dont cheat @[email protected] hahaha amen..

  6. @Mich - ang sweet amp kakainggit!

    Deo, ako yung nagsabi nung about kay Mich and Vic, pero mali pagkakaintindi mo.

    It's about Vic KOSing Mich, but then sinabi ko in a joke manner.

  7. dude make a new forum name @[email protected]

  8. wtf, my forum name has been compromised @[email protected]

  9. Waa pati siya i

  10. langya pinagkaka isahan nyo ako ahaha

  11. uu boo nasa sig ko tagal na yan eh nung highschool pa ako aheheh

  12. Gosh, nasa siggy mo pala 'yan boo. -.-

  13. no problem, but I think everade already knows about it xD.

  14. I stole ALL your undies! Muwahahaha! >;D

  15. Kekeke.. Pawnage. /gg

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