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  1. I can't change my display name but I don't use that name anymore, I'm Ezra now but like hi

  2. I miss my RO friends! T.T

  3. The black cat is a female, Had her almost 6 months and her name is Krissy :3

  4. Found a stray black cat thursday! He's very sweet and I've been feeding him

  5. Emma

    Austin http://oi52.tinypic.com/wqox9w.jpg

  6. *Glomps you and listens to the Ponyo song*

  7. Emma


  8. Emma


  9. Emma

    I'm so tired D8

  10. Emma

    An MMO called Vindictus, I looove him /emoticons/default_happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  11. Emma

    o\o; Bryce...He lives in Missouri (11 hours T^T) But his mom's bringing him here for spring break in march :D

  12. Emma

    xD I also made a panda-cow for my bf whom is coming in March next year

  13. Emma

    HAAA You think my mom would let me? XD Hellz naw

  14. Emma

    People at this farmers market thing my mom goes too :P

  15. Changed my picture XD

  16. Emma

    Not really xD I only sold one

  17. Emma

    Fsh, a buck each XD, I pm'd you the link

  18. Emma

    Sure gimme a sec :3 I had a marshmallow but I sold it :(

  19. *Noms you*

  20. Emma

    Yes I do XD I make kawaii-cookie plushies, and Soon I'm gonna start making charms out of Cold Porcelain

  21. Emma

    Ju is loved

  22. Emma

    You haven't been on in forever D8

  23. She is~ your just blind

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