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  1. Alright i just read in the guidelines and i can't suggest PVP events :( but oh well i'll just put it up cause my guild already want to do an in-guild one so maybe other people might find it interesting also=P

    here it goes:

    2)ONLINE POKEMON!!! <- for all the hidden pokemon fans out there =O

    - 6 on 6 team battle

    - Each team chooses one person to fight it out, until one team member faints.

    - The team with the member that died, must choose another person to send out

    - Afterwards, the other team may choose to withdraw their current member and choose another person, or they can keep battling with them.

    - Unlike pokemon, you may NOT use items or withdraw in the middle of battle

    - First team with all members fainted is the loser

    - HP/SP recovery must be disabled (not really sure if GM can do that, but if not, easiest way is to make all team members have over 50%. Skills like tension relax, heal, Health conversion, activeetc. can only be used INSIDE battle not outside. Skills like meditato, increase HP recovery, passive healing skills, can be used)


    - 2 on 2 battling =O but still with 6 people on each team of course

    It's GatheringRO, not Pokemon ;)

  2. Since I'm back as a GM I might as well open the topic again. :3

    I'm downloading the client at the moment and I might might do an event tonight.

    Only maybe. <3

    If Marc would lvl my GM character to 20 and not 0 *cough*

    Wut the hell.. I missed you, Tama! ;)

  3. Drop a GM box in a room filed with bombrings, where you can't use skills.

    ... Obviously the winner wins the GM box from the right bombring.

    Sounds nice, I was going to suggest that right now, but I saw your post. DOPE SHIT ANYWAYS YO! HAHA :D

  4. I got an idea.

    Holly Enix will warp us all to one map, there she opens a chat which is with a password and only 1 person can enter.


    Password = RSX 0806

    Question: Which MvP drops Ice Pick [1] to 0,10%.

    Now, many people know it and want to enter the Chat, but the one who comes in your Chat, will get a prize. [Dont know what XD]


    Or you just make a password and don't ask a question. Just give us some tips.

    Thats it. Pretty easy to understand. And sorry for my bad english, if there are any faults. xDD

    *Can't explain so good on english. >_<

  5. I'd suggest Köln.. cause there is the Kölner Dom.. and lot's of funny people :) It's really nice there.. we could visit McDonalds :PP I love Köln.. Düsseldorf is not bad either.. there you can go nice shopping [FOR THE GIRLS] YAY! :D

  6. I'd actually join, aswell. But I feel so young under you people :[ And Kön/düsseldorf is only 30min from where I live. So I could visit you all, though ^^

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