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Status Updates posted by Kifune

  1. No additional effect on the Dark High Lord Helm (upgraded Dark Lord Helm)

  2. Don't give up, Everade! Just as we do for you and the server!

  3. It's pointless to have LK card now...

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    2. Dothy~


      i dont mind the change, im rg, i use lk, and i dont use sac lol

    3. Kifune


      We are talking in general, not just RG...

    4. P r a i r i e

      P r a i r i e

      dont mind him hes a bitch :)

  4. Appreciate much though, sincerely...

  5. I'm going over to Singapore to join a research trip for a week soon after my final... =D

  6. I cant join, man but thanks a lot...

  7. My pleasure meeting you too, miss. My name is Leong. It said, good day, miss by the way...

  8. 您好,小姐...

  9. 可笑的"瘦"子原来是个傻嗨!!!

    1. Cherise


      English please. :D

      Or maybe spanish. xD

    2. Kifune


      You know I cant speak English...

  10. You got the wrong guy donk....

  11. Hello, miss...

  12. It bounds to give you the wrong translation from Google Translate... I've tried it already...

  13. 你怎么不去睡觉?

  14. Say, may I know what course you're taking that is related to Thermodynamics?

  15. Unequip your Beginner's equipments to solve your problem...

  16. 'Rebalancing' for the sake of the community or simply for your own?

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    2. Everade


      All the changes have been tested and approved by myself. Beastboy did a great job and he always said that these nerfs are still under testing. It's not easy to balance skills, and sure there are tactics to lower the dmg of any skill, still the current released nerfs were necessary because they are simply not balanced for a highrate server. Just because you're used to something doesn't means it is meant to be like that. We always compare our edits with the official kRO server.

    3. Kifune


      Is it possible to have a few more people to help you with the testing? Having a few more opinions and a few pairs of hands would come in handy, I suppose. And of course, I, personally appreciate the time you and BB had spent on this on-going-balancing, really.

    4. Beastboy


      i come online frequently to let people give me their opinion and to ask if everything is alright and how they like the changes made. because the actual Server is the best testing environment.

  17. Happy Birthday!!!

  18. GM, can you have a look into this matter


    Thank you in advance

  19. It doesnt give me the time to go hunting. This has very much explains to why I'm buying a Thana. =D

  20. ENTER Renewal Continuation Phase II

  21. Why, yes, semi-active, that is. And you?

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