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  1. OMG thank you for theeeee valentines ring fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Olga

    New Instances

    Exchange it for something exclusive atleast would ease the 2 years, sold all the symbols hoping one day this would come back 😧
  3. Olga

    New Instances

    Everything looks great so far for gRO but are we ever going to have justice for the Valentine's ring 😕 ive been waiting for 2 years... being penalized for someone's sin feels bad :<
  4. i thought they were always bounded o.O
  5. Vote shop change please for the month of January :_;

  6. Olga

    EBF points bug

    I already did before i posted this thank you I logged in again and tried it was still zero then i tried something... i placed it back on the "etc" again instead of "fav" bar it worked. Thank you all for replying.
  7. Olga

    December Patch

    Wow thank you so much for still updating the server this much <3 Much love!
  8. Olga

    EBF points bug

    Question, i have 139 EBF but it says i have zero? Am i missing something?
  9. Dear santa, My name is Mew and my real name is Rejean but my husband + friends call me Olga. I am 27 years old I've been playing for 10 years here in gRO, not so lucky with events! but happily contented waiting for new cute stuff updates from Vote shop or Donate. As of now i just practice Tai chi for my physical recovery and play Final Fantasy XIV online when resting. Currently living in the land of sushi which they dont really celebrate Christmas *people still work*. Im not really materialistic person but digital instead! *sarcasm* As much as i'd like for newbies to win instead,
  10. Nvm it does work, you just have to wait for a few hours or something idk xD
  11. Is this feature enabled here? http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&jid=4190 After i finished the 1000 picky i went back to him and then idk what to do next coz i didnt read, i dont know whats the next condition to get past through this coz even if i went through the iRO guide the brother wont talk to me.
  12. You too cold hahahaha! thats some luck! told you to open em up fast!
  13. What to do with zen :(

    1. raphaelluigi
    2. Koxy


      donate to npc. its help economy as ive heard.

    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Donate to the "Unused Zeny Foundation".

  14. Olga

    HD for Shadow gear bug

    Yea my stupid mistake T_T
  15. Olga

    HD for Shadow gear bug

    Oh shit i got it mixed up xDDDDDDDDDDDD damn it honest mistake then
  16. Olga

    HD for Shadow gear bug

    It's not suppose to break, if i knew it wouldnt work i would stay at +7
  17. Its not suppose to break right? Only downgrade o.O? it disappeared... I have 8 Enriched Ori :'3
  18. World boss timer on site not working T___T 

  19. I was actually thinking of the same thing! I dont have this hat but im happy for you people ! now chill!~
  20. I think it would be fair to Refund it... after that high price of coupons and the conditions of Coupon B. Worth a request... especially others based upon reading Thats like 4x +8 refine tickets, way more useful XD
  21. I played iRO not too long ago so i kinda knew about the Bapho effect as event only and it's around 5m - 8m only at official lmao XD but yea i think it would be fair for a refund then? since nerfing is easier than collecting the B coupons :3 kinda harder than A actually if you land on them rare tames ahhaha~ Or you guys can sell it to me *wink wink*
  22. Truth: Event period If people were actually hoping these wont be found out, word of mouth and interest goes fast. It would be found out eventually. Even on iRO the effect is Event duration only
  23. Is this why you're afk? Joke good job but youre still a noop
  24. Thanks for the great update but 110m for a decard i think this is a bit too much
  25. Yeheeeeeeeeeeeey i no longer need symbols Thank youuuuuu cant wait for this
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