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  1. This is gonna be one hell of a throwback.


  2. Chad! It's been like, a year and a half since you visited us. ):

  3. Yo Marc! Just visiting, visiting... Sorry about the promises I broke - that was long ago, you might not remember. Good luck with the server!

  4. Happy birthday~

  5. Chad! Happy birthday. :3

  6. *pokes* Wc thread died cauz you didnt reply back to us XD Hahaha, How are you ? =)

  7. CHADDDDDDDD. Omg Chad.

  8. ;D Hi Chad

  9. After all the "OMG what does Argatlahm look like" online virginity of your face, you finally show it? ^_^

    Thanks for the greeting. Too late for me to see it though. Happy birthday too. Too late for me to say that too. Oh well.

  10. OMG I forgot to wish you happy birthday >_

    Belated Happy Birthday then add me on facebook!!! XD

  11. Happy Birthday Chad!

  12. Happy birthday~

  13. c: It's your birthday? Happy birthday Chad.

  14. Happy Birthday! sir Chad! /no1

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