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  1. <: it is sir>

  2. Thank chu! :3

  3. Thank chu! :3

  4. Thankchuu! :3

  5. D: Shoot, i got caught lurking ;-;

  6. Okay Sergio :D And don't worry, i'm too much of a freak to change x3

  7. I think people should go along with the flow, if they focus too much on trying to have a serious life, they lose themselves in the process, that's why i'll keep being myself no matter what :3

  8. I don't think there's age to be serious or fun :3

  9. Ahahah :3 I heard dragons are noble creatures!

  10. Do you like dragons a lot? :D

  11. No, no, ish rude >:

  12. I'm leveling my noob High Priest :D

  13. Nothing :D You?

  14. Ahm at Clover Chan :3

  15. D: Don't just stalk, say hi at least >:

  16. I don't like being stalked D: At least say Hi! :3

  17. Ahaha, allright :3 Just drop me a comment when you're there

  18. Hai! :3 Thanks for the welcome message, it was cute, i'm trying to kill stuff in gl_church to lvl up my High Priest :D Take care.

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