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  1. Lol, okay then xD

  2. Eh, nevermind. I didn't think about it that much when I typed it. o_o; .. I just simply put it there, ok?

  3. So? I don't know what happened, but i thought we're still friends.. or so. And aren't others too? o.o;

  4. Why surprised? I didn't think you'd wish me happy birthday, or anyone else in gRO. o_o

  5. Yeah but why xD

  6. I was kind of surprised. o_o

  7. Wow thank you. o.o

  8. Happy birthday~ :3

  9. Aren't I online everyday? D: I think I am.

    You don't talk to me anyway. o.o?

  10. Barely see you online on msn

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