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  1. Hey sry for the late reply thx for the help, btw do you still have my tao

    1. Hazyd


      Wasn't it my tao?


  3. happppy birthday! :D

  4. *spams holy light* Come here you twit. I was gonna say fag but that would be too mean D:

  5. mega hulk. ♥

  6. mini hulk D:

  7. The Gardener is out atm he cant cut my frigging tree!!

  8. *peeks back* o_O

  9. *peeks* 8D

  10. It's cus of that tree! that's the tree of corruption i say ... you've planted the seeds now look at that tree!!!!!!!

    I say chop it off /gg

  11. Ahhhhhh Corruption ITS HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!!

  12. Kaltz your a faggot and when I am done redownloading this client I'm goign to rape you on Champ even without a shred of gear you tree huggin queer. You better still play.

  13. who the fuck is that other gardener? im going to kos him too

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