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  1. I Love you sooo much Christine

  2. You are beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, really nice from inside and outside, I mean it honey. You are jsut amazing, wonderful & I just love the way you are. I have never seen any1 like you, you are rare, precious & it's very hard to find a girl like you. I love youu, mwaaahhhhhh ... *cuddles*

  3. Happy Birthday Dude !! God Blesses you with lots of love and happiness ...

    Long time no seee, how have you been ??

  4. I love you Honey

  5. Forum Name: Abaddon IGN Name: Ergo Proxy
  6. Happy birthday? :3

  7. Dear Santa, My in-game name is Abaddon, and my real name is Deepak. I'm 20 years old. I'd really love having a Tiraya for this Christmas. I really love that headgear & it's one of the best headgear I ever wanted. Merry Christmas. Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours sincerely, Deepak
  8. hey dude, how are you man.

    it's been so long. :(

    well sorry was not there on ur b'day. >.

    take care and c ya soon :)

  9. College is good got great marks, again have exams in December .. I quit gRO long ago, been around 6 months I guess.

  10. Hey. How's collage.? xD Still playing gRO.?

  11. abe kha hai tu khelata hai ki nai..?

  12. Well I don't play much, but I'm still around.

    Hope too see u in game soon .. Missed you around .. ^__^

  13. I might come back i'd love to see how your doing.

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