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  1. IP ban pls and ban all related accounts LOL
  2. Our beastboy "fixed" sacrifice to not be affected by % modifier cards Overbrand and Cannon Spear should be working with the % modifiers though
  3. press alt+f4. usually solves the problem
  4. I crash whenever I unequip my main gauche
  5. What does an Indian say when his mom leaves?

  6. 123patsy

    Server Update

    Finally an update yay
  7. 123patsy

    Skill Balancings

    I like how the crybabies in pvp are rejoicing to this update
  8. Please don't nerf shield spell after leaphar just got owned by an RG earlier lol

  9. They have proof of you abusing, stupid. Don't play and act innocent lol.
  10. By your "brother", you mean yourself and there is proof that you deliberately crashed the server because you're too stupid enough to boast about it. Serves you right! Hahahaha
  11. So he's the asshole for deliberately causing error and crashing the server for farming mvps and now you say he's innocent? Tell me more
  12. This forum is dead

  13. You guys should just try sura, never gonna get nerfed
  14. 4-0. Excuse: I was using master buff scroll lol

    1. 123patsy


      Sorry guys it's only 3-0. The last match was my super novice vs his warlock so he says it's not counted. Please don't nerf SN

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