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  1. Man.. why with the online peek numbers :-(

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  3. **ninja moves** been so long since the last time i visit this site. how's everything? i bet you guys still doing good. :3

  4. Yo guys.. Whats up? So how's GRo?

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    2. l Solex

      l Solex

      @sawkin lol. how many players online?

      @s4t4n i bet there are sill alot of imba skills/items/etc? and how abt woe?xD

    3. S4T4N


      yeah apparently some items are still missing, most skills still need updates apparently too, as for WoE dunno, been a long time i wasn't IG.

    4. l Solex

      l Solex

      lol.i hope the market price for items wont drop bad badly. xD

  5. my gosh i forgot my pass. lololol

  6. Hmmm... So how are things going on recently?

  7. be back when the server is stable and balanced again xD

  8. be back when the server is stable and balanced again xD

  9. ....

    1. S4T4N


      What's wrong ? D:

    2. Punch


      I know you miss me Lexo :3

    3. l Solex

      l Solex

      @satan - nothing, just bored. lol

      @punch - i only miss girls.. haha

  10. l Solex

    Important Note

    i just wondering what should we do if when the thing happens, there is no gm online both in game and in forum.. if we screened it and post into player's report, it might be already too late right? well, nowadays as we know most of ppl can change their ip or deleted the chars, etc. i just wonder what should we do at "that" time. thanks
  11. people only hear what they wanna hear..

    1. kiss0rkill


      Amirul Muqsit

    2. Rayleigh


      What did you call me!? IDIOT?!

    3. l Solex
  12. nice thx for the guide
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