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  1. Happy birthd- WOAH, you're banned? D:

  2. Your status is too outdated. LOL

  3. Epo! how are you doing?(: miss talking to you!! dont stay out of touch!(:

  4. Chris Miss You a lot Dude.

    Please be in touch.

  5. Chris O:

    I miss u a lot D:

  6. :- Happy valentines day everyone :)

  7. Chris I want to Slap you

    Kidding :D

  8. Hey Chris :'D How are you?

  9. ello mate. how the hell are ya?

  10. *stalks back!*

  11. Ello, i've been busy with what-not and obviously working on the server. How's stuff?

  12. *stalks chris*

  13. Roooooooooooooooooooooooooar


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