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  1. :- Happy valentines day everyone :)

  2. *stalks back!*

  3. Ello, i've been busy with what-not and obviously working on the server. How's stuff?

  4. Roooooooooooooooooooooooooar


  5. D: I'm not a noob, you noob!

  6. *Pokes back!* O:

  7. All other accounts have been unbanned. Sorry for it taking so long, had it very busy with it being near Halloween.

  8. Yep, you should read the 3rd jobs topic more often ;)

    Where's my virgins!?

  9. No problem, it's not right that you got hacked, and i'll put in a personal word to Everade that your account definately belongs to you :)

  10. He be sharin the lovin :D

  11. Yeh, is that you in yours?

    You look like Ron Weasley

  12. Absolutely. Full of chavs, binge-drinkers, alcoholics, drug addicts, immigrants and god knows what else. England sucks!

  13. I *did* wake up and go there. We were all outside the Lecture Theatre, and some dude came up and told us it was cancelled -_-

  14. Lol I dont have the power to move topics D:

    I'll pass this along though :)

  15. O: I can still seeee yooou!

    *starts trimming down the bushes* ;D

  16. I see you there, lurking in that pond!

  17. Ello dfnskdjgbfd-face :)

  18. The server hasn't shut-down o_O

    It's most likely your connection.

  19. Not particularly for Java. I only ever studied it once, but it was too CGI/Perl for me (though now that I look back on it, very C-like too)

    Sorry :) Google should have some good tutorials?

  20. Yeh ya cross-dresser!!

  21. D: The health bar is a metaphor for the health of the guild?

    I think right now it's at about 20% x__x

    We shall have a guild picture!!

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