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  1. Can't Download Means Can't Play D:

  2. @kulas..natapos na ba ung sig ko?? :D

  3. All I want is the Price
  4. hoy ga duwa pa diay ka? haha

  5. 1375 1376 1377 1378 1379 1380
  6. Character Names: E i n s t e i n and Sonic l Define My Fist Classes: Professor and Champion
  7. Hai hai !!. . are you still playing?..

  8. O_O son !! **Hide**

  9. Item Name: Dark Lord Helm ]Item ID: 30001 ]Why do I want it?: Last time before wipe. .I was about to finish the Dark Lord Helm Quest. I heard there will be a wipe and I'm so sad when I heard that news but I didn't lose Hope until now I am dreaming for a Dark Lord Helm. I am trying to finish the Dark Lord Helm after wipe but sadly it is so Expensive. I can play in 5 hours but sadly my internet is on off on off and I'm getting mad of it and I can't afford the Requirements of the quest. So this is my only Hope. .and if I can get it. It will be my best gift in Christmas. I am very Addicted to Ragnarok and GatheringRO is the first RO I've played. This is my First Ragnarok Server.. I'm born here and I will die here. . I love GatheringRO !! Merry Christmas !! and Happy New Year !!
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