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  1. Dear Santa, My name is Ampota ingame and my real name is Rahul - I am 17 years old.( On 26th xD ) I'd really like to have an symbol of valor, Cause #1 - 25th = Christmas , And in India we don't celebrate Christmas.. So I would love to get my 1st Christmas Gift. And secondly the Result date is 26th = My Birthday.. And i kinda screw'd up stuffs in real life , so i don't think im getting anything much in real life.So i wish atleast this wish comes true. Yours, Rahul "I'm holding on your rope Got me ten feet off the ground" Peace \/
  2. :) are you the gm yet?
  3. YIEEEY!

    you voted for me!



  4. :o

    Always get it fixed ASAP so you don't disappear like that D:

  5. Nah i was joking o.o

    How are you btw? :D

  6. Ty Bananapooooooooo

  7. Banban. D:?

    Welcome back Vish. :D

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