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    People, music, & literature pretty much sum it up.
  1. Me too, but I'm at school. D:

  2. :o! Now I'm in the mood for some popcorn. lol
  3. I'm good, just enjoying the Saturday night at home, watching tv, chatting and drawing. But I ran out of popcorn. D:

  4. Long time, indeed! I've been pretty busy lately, but I've found a bit of time to hang around & play for a while. How are you, doll? :)

  5. Hiya! Long time no see. How have you been? :3

  6. Alrighty, have fun with your friends. ;D And it's 0:05 my time now, so I'll once again say Happy New Year!

  7. Well, a nice and quiet start to the New Year is sometimes just as fun. I, however, am spending the night with a few close friends and lots of pretty fireworks. Happy 2010 to you as well! :)

  8. Oh, the last sentence didn't fit completely, damn. Dx

    Happy New Year 2010 to you. :D

  9. Hiya, Autumn. :D Haven't seen you in a while.

    It's pretty exciting, yes, but I'm planning to spend the new year doing the usual stuff; computer, drawing, writing, reading and such. Very eventful. xD

    I guess I'll go see the fireworks though, they're so pretty.

    What about you, any plans?

    And if I don't see you again later today, Happy New Year 2010 to ...

  10. Hello, Yue! :)

    It's almost 2010, how exciting is that? xD

  11. Item Name: Blessed Valkyrie Helm (black) Item ID#: 30011 Why do I want it?: It looks really cool, for one. And since I'm new here it would be a delightful welcome present. 'Tis the season for giving, after all.
  12. Just dropping by to say Thank You! for the tips on my art topic...thing. :)

  13. Wow, I just clicked the link up there (to your gallery?) and I'm amazed! Your artwork is incredible. :o Thanks for your tips/suggestions on my topic. :)

  14. Thank you. Good luck with school. ;)

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