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  1. More like Super-Nab mode?

  2. No MewTwo doesn't count as a Pokémon at all.

  3. I wish I wasn't such a poor bum and could afford the same stuff for my fiance.

  4. Tom sure is not a huge failboat.

    Once he's mad at you're not going to be able to un-mad him.

  5. She looks healthy?

  6. Oh, and do you know the Dropkick Murphys?

    You might like them.

    Also, Face Fisted is the best song ever. (lyrics)

  7. I'm on your list now.


  8. That picture looks awesome!

  9. "Wow quite a heated debate we got here, aren't we?"

    Greatest quotation I read this month.

    You are awesome! :D

  10. I wish I had a PCB too ;_;

  11. How, and that comes from Syn.

  12. Nobody likes you, Inari. >:

  13. Your signature looks fucking awesome.

  14. Ohai Dawg.

    - Xilence

  15. Ohey, Chad.

    It's Xilence, just saying hellow. :D

  16. Ew, I'd prefer Windows 7 Tan to that burger.


  18. I'm not on your list.

    - Xilence


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