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  1. More like Super-Nab mode?

  2. No MewTwo doesn't count as a Pokémon at all.

  3. I wish I wasn't such a poor bum and could afford the same stuff for my fiance.

  4. Tom sure is not a huge failboat.

    Once he's mad at you're not going to be able to un-mad him.

  5. She looks healthy?

  6. Oh, and do you know the Dropkick Murphys?

    You might like them.

    Also, Face Fisted is the best song ever. (lyrics)

  7. I'm on your list now.


  8. That picture looks awesome!

  9. "Wow quite a heated debate we got here, aren't we?"

    Greatest quotation I read this month.

    You are awesome! :D

  10. I wish I had a PCB too ;_;

  11. How, and that comes from Syn.

  12. Nobody likes you, Inari. >:

  13. Your signature looks fucking awesome.

  14. Ohai Dawg.

    - Xilence

  15. Ohey, Chad.

    It's Xilence, just saying hellow. :D

  16. Ew, I'd prefer Windows 7 Tan to that burger.


  18. I'm not on your list.

    - Xilence


  19. I can't afford GR/GTB so Yggs is way easier. Bapho Jr. drop them at 50% I think.
  20. Stalkers are quite good either. I've been hunting some Crystals for a while with my Stalker. I plagiarized Triple Attack (Raging Trifectra Blow), used a Magic Kettle (haven't found any other choice yet) and a normal Mes (non-carded). I suppose it's going to be great with two Wind Ghost Cards, some Breeze and Poison Cards (forgot which card did the poison effect @[email protected]) Without the Cards the Crystals usually die when they're around 240~320HP, it takes me below 10 seconds to get there. Once those Mine Guardians appear I try to pull them away from the Crystals and then teleport back to the Crystal. (Coords are shown with @jump) If anyone is planning to go in there with a stalker too, I suggest not to use a bow since it's a pure waste of arrows and don't forget the Ygg Berries! While fighting one of the Guardians I noticed the skill "Deluge" that I casted with the Magic Kettle rapidly lowered the Earthquake's damage(I think it didn't do any damage at all), so maybe a Professor could be a good option for hunting those Crystals. EDIT: As far as I know from other servers there was a 'trick' to make more damage on them with normal hit. They had a Gold Room with mobs which had 100HP and lost 1HP with each hit, but some players found a way to do up to 20 per hit. Here's how it worked: In order to do this, you need an Assassin which is able to hold 2 Daggers. You put one Dagger in the left hand and none in the right hand, then you get a Champion to transfer his Spheres on your Assassin (Dangerous Soul Collect etc.), if you're done with that you do 13 damage on monsters which are supposed to lose only 1HP per hit. As I was saying, some players figured the race, size and property of the monster and did up to 20 per hit. I guess this would count as an exploit since they're supposed to be 'harder' to kill.
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