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  1. ahaha 100% true!??

    XD Im not a good joker lolz

  2. dont worry comedy = win ;DDDDDDD /no1

  3. ahaha we're the same lolz

    i can't sing XD

    that's the worst thing that i can't do! >.

  4. can't see the images anyway thanks for the guide^^ uhmmm is baseball cap cannot be trade??
  5. nice guide ^^ I got pirate dagger on my first try lolz
  6. lol well i like singing but problm i cant sing haha juz joined the event for the fun x.X

  7. because of your picture o_o

    lolz :D

  8. wad made you think that? ;D lol

  9. o.O a chinese :D nice >

    I think ur a music lover right??


  10. OMG! why are you quitting??


  11. i wish im from korean lol and yeahh answer is no im a chinese ;_____;

  12. I'm fine here.

    see you later on.

  13. o.O are u a korean?? just asking lolz :P

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