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  1. Welcome to Gro.

    I dont know you still Heeey Its Akshay. :)

  2. Lol Sorry but I cannot control its so funny :P

    I use to love my sis aww..

    where are you anyways?

  3. Some One is not talking to me.

  4. Some one is saying sorry to you alexaa

    Forgive him :D


    Yesterday, 10:37 PM


  5. Please chek the msg's on you're msn Thanks

  6. I'm happy with one Osaris Thanks.

  7. where are you?

  8. Selling Osaris?

  9. Pm me in Game I'll be on Alpesh's Chr.

  10. I love keeping Secret's its so much fun.

  11. *Secret*

    My Dream Girl :D

  12. Sod re mitra.. I wanted Rahul to get ban but you also came in screen shot [:D]

  13. I dont come online much

  14. Lets meet at Lutie for Snow :P

  15. Add me as friend if you wnt :P

  16. He is Indian first, then you're bf or wat ever.

    I dont need reflecting creator for WOE LOL.

    I just had something for him

    Stay away dont cry when you get killed in pvp.

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