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  1. hello , been awhile now..

  2. Hello Jasi! hehe I'm Agung ,still remember me? Well it's normal since we haven't talk for a very long time.. :P By the way do you still live in Berlin? haha *sorry for popping in ur profile in all of a sudden, I felt like a stalker lol*

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    2. Yuzuki


      Hah, it's fine. Yeah I know you as GAGA, sad you forgot about the password you derp. :[ Ikr, everyone pretty much disappeared and I wish I had a way to keep in touch with them, I feel like a stranger here. Did the character limit just cut you off? LOL

    3. xx chiko xx

      xx chiko xx

      Ehehe. . . Yeah me too ,I hope they are fine now and haha yeah same here, at least once they visit this forum and we ask their email or whatsapp or something that they used. Ah well . . And by the way, lol yeah,I just realise that my sentence were not finished. I have something else to say there actually. lol XD. . .So yeah I guess haha

      Oh and I give u a novel in your private message ,enjoy ;) lol

    4. Yuzuki


      Most of them don't really visit the forums in my opinion, but watchu gonna do. LOL do you remember what you were going to say? d:

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